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Here at Auger Authority, we love doing everything ourselves.  Being self-sufficient.  We live, work, breathe and play outdoors all year long. 

On Auger Authority, you’ll find my first-hand experiences, my favorite products, helpful reviews, and my personal advice.

We review everything from top of the line professional ice augers to budget hand crank manual drain augers.  No bias here. 

We only recommend augers that we test and would use ourselves.  No BS.  You can count on us for unbiased opinions and kick butt How To support for everyone from seasoned outdoors people to those just beginning their outdoor lifestyle.

We strive to bring you the best, most up to date information possible.

Everything you need to go ice fishing, unclog drains and toilets, and dig any kind of hole you might need is all right here.

Let’s get to work!

– Todd

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