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Opting for the best ice auger gives you the ability to easily make holes in the ice and catch some delicious fish.

If you’ve planted trees, bulbs, or even put in fence posts, you’ve probably thought of the best hand auger to get the job done.  

​This is 100% true if you work on agricultural land or are a landscaper.  

Before choosing a more expensive tool, like an electric auger, let’s check out the pros and cons of a manual model.  

Designed not only for creating space for fence posts, these highly versatile tools are great for general yard work and landscaping as well.

You can save time and effort while working outside with few disadvantages.

Dealing with an incredibly clogged toilet means you’ll need the best toilet auger at your disposal.  

Most homeowners reach for their plunger first, but not all clogs can be removed by forcing material back through the pipes.  

Although electric augers are becoming more popular, gas augers outperform any other version because of their power and torque.

Designed for plenty of tasks ranging from digging post holes to making fishing holes in the ice, the best gas auger will be the most versatile tool in your shed.

Dealing with clogged drains would be so much simpler if you have the best drain auger. Whether it’s in your shower, toilet, or kitchen sink, drain clogs can come out of nowhere. 

Knowing which is the best and why can help to get you prepared for the next time you have to unclog your drains.

The best electric auger has the potential for making ice fishing and digging post holes much easier. From being able to dig post holes easily for landscaping clients or drilling holes to chase fish, it’s one of the most versatile augers on the market.

For large-scale projects, the best tractor auger is highly recommended. If you’re working a large landscaping job or even if you’re just installing cattle fencing, you’ll need more than a handheld auger.  These highly unique tools are more of a necessity than a convenience for people with large properties. Best Tractor Auger Quick Chart Best Tractor Auger … Read more

The best propane auger is powered by a fuel that is unlike traditional gas in many ways but is also more efficient than electricity. Propane is a great middle-ground for someone who is searching for an auger which doesn’t compromise in power but is also more fuel-efficient and produces fewer emissions.

If you have an ice auger that is powered by a drill, then you will need the best ice auger drill adapters. With an ice auger drill attachment, you can match up your drill to your ice auger without issue. Read on to find out about the 3 best ice auger drill adapters you can use this … Read more

Augers range from hand-powered models to high-powered propane, gas and electric models.

Augers are used for unclogging toilets and drains and drilling post holes.  The most popular use by far, is augers for ice fishing.

What is the best auger for your needs? With our testing and top notch info, you’ll be able to find that out.

So, what can I use instead of a toilet snake? Be warned: none of them are as effective as an auger. You WILL have a clogged toilet again…

If you discover roots in your soil, the games have just begun. You will NEED to learn how to dig through tree roots with an auger to get your work done. So, can an auger, by itself, get through tree roots? Do you need other tools? What are those tools that can chop through roots?

If you have a Tractor auger, you need to learn how to use a post hole digger stand for tractor auger. When your 3 point auger isn’t being used you need to….

If you have clay soil and are looking to drill holes, how to use a post hole digger in clay is something you *must* know. Check out how…

Crushing clogs the right way means having to get your auger down your pipes until it reaches the clog.  How to get a drain snake around a corner requires a bit of luck but mostly skill and patience.  Most clogs happen at the P trap or other bends in the pipes.  Debris like hair, grease, food, or anything … Read more

So, how hard is it to use a hand ice auger? If you’re trying to save a few bucks, you’ve definitely wondered about using a hand ice auger…

You might be considering buying a propane ice auger. But, do propane ice augers freeze up in cold weather? If they did, why would so many people love using them to ice fish? It’s a legitimate question to ask, before spending $100s of dollars on an auger.

Ice Fishing prep isn’t hard, but it requires attention to detail. 

You must prepare everything from your tackle, to your ice shack (if you have one) to your truck and supplies.  

We’ve narrowed this post down to preparing your tackle, yourself and your ice shack for the upcoming ice fishing season

If your pipes are clogging up because of hair, you need to know what you can use to dissolve hair in a drain. If you’ve got some hairy situation going on in your pipes, you need a fast solution at your fingertips.

Clogs can be tough. They might be so tough that you have to learn how to unclog a vent pipe on your roof. The steps to get your vent pipe unclogged are just as easy as working on your kitchen sink. Read on to learn how to identify if your vent is the source of your problems and how to unclog your plumbing vent yourself.

The history of the post hole auger goes back 100’s maybe even thousands of years. As long as humans needed water and wells and holes, there has been augers to drill them.

Instead of hiring a professional plumber, you may be able to take care of the clog on your own, which saves you a lot of time and money. By following these simple steps, you can use an electric drain auger to your advantage.

Depending on the job you have to do, a hand auger vs a post hole digger might be the best choice.

But, when should you choose one over the other?

Ice augers and earth augers are great at doing their jobs. 

But, ice auger vs earth augers are built differently and have distinct strengths and weaknesses

Sharpening a post hole auger blade is necessary after you’ve been digging post holes.    Dirt, rocks and roots will dull the blade making it harder to drill holes.  You don’t have to buy a new blade.   Instead follow the steps below to sharpen your blades and get years of use out of your post hole digger cutting edge. How … Read more

How to get your ice auger ready for ice fishing can be completed in a few easy steps. 

Don’t let your fishing trip get ruined simply because of simple maintenance.  There are specific issues that you need to pay attention to which will ensure your ice fishing auger works like a dream.   

Guarantee yourself a hassle free ice fishing season with these tips and tricks.

Digging holes in dirt is easy when you have a post hole auger machine.  But what if you’re stuck digging those post holes yourself? 

How to use a one man auger machine is simpler than you think. 

How can you get this done without having to buy any tools? You could use a hanger! How to snake a toilet with a hanger isn’t difficult, but it’s a short term solution.

Using an auger in rocky soil can be challenging.

Read about using an auger in rocky soil below and digging post holes in rocky ground.

Can you use a drain auger on a toilet?

If you’re already got a drain auger at home, why buy a toilet auger?

The differences will make you think twice about using a drain auger in your toilet.

Discover the Best Auger Today

Don’t call in a professional to drill post holes or unclog your toilets, sinks and drains.

The best auger can help you be self-sufficient, and save you cash on hiring a professional. So how do you discover which auger is the best one for you so that professional results can be achieved?

A thorough review of each auger can help you see what kind of results you should be able to expect. These reviews are based on real experiences with each product.  Tested personally by our staff, so you have confidence in their authenticity. 

We invest the time so you don’t have to.

When you know what to expect, then you have confidence. When you have confidence, you create stunning DIY results. Our goal at Auger Authority is to give you the tools you need to create stunning, professional results.

How Do You Choose the Best Auger?

Augers come in several different models.

Although the end results are essentially the same, the user experience in obtaining those results can be very different.

Do you need a gas powered auger? What about auger blade size? How big is your job? Will you need an auger that can CRUSH through ice or dirt super fast?  Is it a one person or a dually model?

Not only do our reviews show you real results, but you’ll know what type of auger is the best option for your next  DIY project.

We’ll even offer you some tips and tricks that we’ve discovered through our testing to make your job easier and faster.

Make your investment in the best auger for your next project today.  The value this tool will provide you pays off every time.

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