Strikemaster Chipper Lite

strikemaster chipper lite

Looking for an auger worth buying? Check out the StrikeMaster Chipper Lite Power Auger. With one of these in your arsenal, punching through several feet of ice will be no problem at all.

Ryobi Drain Auger 18 Volt One

ryobi drain auger

Since clogged drains are something that will occur on and off in your life, it means that you should take matters in your own hands instead of constantly calling and spending tons of money on plumbers. To deal with this issue effectively, all you need is a high-quality drain auger. You don’t need to search the web for one as we will review the amazing ​Ryobi Drain Auger.

Ridgid Power Spin Drain Auger Review

Ridgid Power Spin Drain Auger Review

The Ridgid Power Spin can clean drain lines measuring up to 1.5 inches in diameter with the help of its 25-foot long drain snake; thus, making it ideal for most clogged drains.

Eskimo HC40 Ice Auger Review

eskimo hc40 review

The Eskimo HC40 Propane Auger is a great investment for any ice fisher who wants a powerful, propane-powered auger.

It offers several features which allow for ease of use while still maintaining its torque and overall power. 

Earthquake Auger Dually Powerhead Review

earthquake auger

Buying an earth auger is not supposed to be complicated. You just need to determine where you plan to use the earth auger and you can make a decision based on it.

For drilling tasks that would require a powerful engine, the Earthquake 10310 Earth Auger Powerhead is your best bet.

It is designed to handle tough drilling tasks and made from high-quality materials.

XtremepowerUS Auger

xtremempowerus auger review

If you like to keep yourself busy in your garden, a quality hole digger like the XtremepowerUS Auger is a must-have. This modern auger, with its replaceable drill bits, safety features, and powerful electric motor, is designed for professionals and homeowners alike. Tools like the XtremepowerUS Electric Post Hole Digger can be very handy for you.

Ion Ice Auger Review

best augers

This Ion Ice Auger has four options from which you can choose. Any would be a great addition to an ice fisher who wants convenience and ease of use.

A good ice auger can make all the difference when you go on your ice fishing trips. You want to be able to slice through the ice and get fishing right away. 

Ridgid K3 Toilet Auger Review

ridgid K3 toilet auger

We love the Ridgid 3 ft toilet auger and its ability to power through and remove tough blockages. This model features a kink resistant compression-wrapped inner core cable.

This makes the K-3 super easy to use for any homeowner.

Let’s see why it’s one of the most popular choices for a toilet auger.

Strikemaster Lazer Lite

strikemaster lazer lite review

If you’re in search of a brilliant ice auger, get your hands on the StrikeMaster Lazer Lite Power Auger. You can read about what this equipment has to offer below.

Ridgid Powerclear Drain Cleaner

Ridgid Powerclear drain cleaner

Ridgid Powerclear Drain Cl​​eaner220 Volts3/4 to 1.5 inch pipesWeighs around 12 lbsLifetime Warranty! Click HERE to check out the Ridgid Powerclear Drain Cleaner What Owners are Saying about Ridgid Powerclear Drain Cleaner As an affiliate, I earn a  commission from qualifying purchases. Unclogging pipes, sinks, and tubs are not too complicated. If you have a … Read more