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Tacklife Drain Auger (Currently Unavailable)

tacklife drain auger
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  • 25 foot cable
  • 560 RPM
  • For drains up to 3 inches wide
  • Lithium-ion 20 Volt 2.0Ah Battery 
  • Dimensions: 17.4 x 9.8 x 7.5 inches 
  • 2 year warranty

Whether you are a professional plumber or someone who likes fixing stuff at home, unclogging pipelines without the proper equipment can get very messy.  

The Tacklife Drain Auger is a modern solution to your pipeline clogging problems. With its innovative features, this automated tool works like magic. It is a quick and mess-free solution to unclog pipelines. This TackLife Drain Auger review examines its features to find out if it’s worth buying. 

TackLife Drain Auger 

Traditional solutions, like wire snakes, require tiring labor and usually fail to do the job. In those cases, you’ll need the best drain auger. 

TackLife is a trusted brand that aims to manufacture products inspired by a convenient and safe lifestyle. Founded just four years ago, it claims to be “the future of tools.” The company has transformed conventional household tools into simple to use, modern machines. 

This brand boasts an in-house professional team to monitor products. They ensure that the products are safe and convenient to use. The company’s innovative and customer-centric approach is key to developing reliable, exquisite, and user-friendly products. 

If you are looking for easy-to-use tools that make daily routines simple, the TackLife Drain Auger is a must-have. This revolutionized version of the traditional manual drain clog remover ensures a quick fix to all drainage problems around the house. 

-Adjustable speed
-Reverse Function
-LED work lights
-Great for Complex Jobs
-Can replace cable easily
-Battery Operated
-Can get into tight spaces
-Can get soft gloves or cloth caught up in flexible shaft
-Long shaft can get knotted if over released

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Features of Your Tacklife Drain Auger

Let’s take a closer look into the features of this smart drainage solution. 

Tacklife Drain Auger Features

Features of the Tacklife Drain Auger
-Replaceable Flexible Shaft
-Variable Speed
-Rechargeable Battery
-2 year warranty
-Easy to Use
-Weighs 11 lbs

Replaceable Flexible Shaft 

The ​TackLife Drain Auger is fit to be used in pipes that are ¾ to two inches in diameter. Its shaft works great with clogged sinks, toilets, and bathtubs. The flexible shaft is 25 feet long and can easily reach even hard-to-reach places. The stainless-steel shaft can easily make its way through S, L, and other complex pipes. 

This automatic drain clog remover has a segmented design. This makes it easily replaceable by simply undoing a steel crew. The shaft can make forward and reverse rotations to clear clogs. 

Variable Speed 

This tool is a powerful and smart alternative to traditional drain-cleaning snakes. It has a variable speed trigger that allows you to select the speed you need each time. Equipped with one 20V MAX lithium-ion battery, the tool is portable and can clear drains that do not have a power source near it. 

Rechargeable Battery Pack 

This ​TackLife drain cleaner is completely automatic and is cordless. It runs on a rechargeable battery, so you won’t have to worry about plugging it into a power source. 

The powerful battery stays alive for a significant amount of time, allowing you to easily unclog drains anywhere in your home or even outdoors. 

Customer Service 

All TackLife tools come with a two-year-long warranty, and the same is the case with this drain auger. The brand’s customer care center can be easily contacted via email or phone. Their customer care agents are known for their expert’s responsiveness. 

Ease of Use 

The ​TackLife drain auger is an incredibly easy-to-use and lightweight tool. From its variable speed to its cordless design, everything is manufactured to deliver convenience. This smart tool is also easy to carry and store. With it, you can expect powerful and user-friendly operations. 


This TackLife smart tool is great for both professional plumbers and homeowners. Its automated and user-friendly functions make it a smart alternative to traditional drainage solutions. It features long, flexible, and easily replaceable shaft and a cordless, portable design, making it a powerful and convenient tool. 

However, you need to handle it with care. That’s because the long, flexible shaft can knot and create an even bigger problem. 

Tacklife Drain Auger Vs Ridgid Power Spin

The TackLife drain auger works similarly to a full-fledged electric drain auger. However, its size is smaller, and it costs way cheaper. This drain auger is designed to be simpler and more efficient to use, making it the best alternative to manual unclogging tools. 

To give another perspective, our Tacklife Drain Auger review includes a comparison with a similar device, the RIDGID Power Spin. Like the TackLife Drain Auger, RIDGID Power Spin is portable and easy to store. However, the RIDGID auger has manual operations—that is, unless an external electric drill is attached to it. 

Key Features 

The RIDGID Power Spin features a trigger for the extension and the retraction of the cleaning cable, similar to its comparison. However, unlike the TackLife Automated Drain Auger, this manual tool can only work with 0.5-inch to 1.5-inch diameter pipelines. 


RIDGID offers a lifetime warranty for its manual drain cleaner as compared to a year of customer service offered by TackLife. 


The shaft in the RIDGID Power Spin isn’t flexible. This means that it will be harder to make its way through complex pipelines. What’s more, adequate length while working with narrow, clogged pipelines is needed. While TackLife offers built-in LED lights for easier operations, the RIDGID Power Spin doesn’t have this feature. 


Lastly, the​ TackLife drain auger is heavier on the pocket than the RIDGID manual drain cleaner. The manual tool is available for about one-fourth of the price compared to the automated competitor. 


Comparing both unclogging solutions, our vote is for the ​TackLife drain auger. We have several reasons for this preference despite the massive price difference. 

Firstly, TackLife offers unmatchable user experience with its portable design and high efficiency. Secondly, it has several updated options like variable speed, rechargeable batteries, LED lights, and flexible shaft. These make it stand out from traditional alternatives. 

Lastly, we find the TackLife modern tool a long-term investment due to its strong build, warranty, and innovative features. The TackLife drain auger can be your best investment as a professional plumber, or it can simply be a smart unclogging solution for your household. 

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