2 Stroke Vs 4 Stroke Ice Auger

2 Stroke vs 4 stroke

2 Stroke Vs 4 Stroke Ice Auger is a debate that rages on. Find out which one is the best one for you and your type of ice fishing!

How to Use an Auger to Plant Trees

how to use an auger to plant trees

Digging holes in dirt to plant trees can be super time consuming.   But what if you’re stuck digging those post holes yourself? It’s easy when you have an auger to plant trees. 

Slow Draining Kitchen Sink Not Clogged

slow draining kitchen sink not clogged

As soon as a sink starts draining slowly or stops draining at all, we all think it must be clogged. But, a slow sink drain can be the result of a number of problems.

Sink not Draining But Pipes Clear

sink not draining but pipes are clear

If you have a sink not draining but pipes are clear, you could be at the end of your rope! Never fear, you have a few options you can try before calling in a professional.

Will a Toilet Unclog Itself?

will a toilet unclog itself

Your toilet is clogged and it’s the middle of the night. You’re tired and your alarm doesn’t go off for hours. Will a toilet unclog itself???

Spring Plumbing

spring plumbing

Prepare for the upcoming season with our spring plumbing tips. Spring can bring with it warm AND freezing temps and a TON of rain which…