How to Dig Through Roots with an Auger

how to dig through tree roots with an auger

If you discover roots in your soil, the games have just begun. You will NEED to learn how to dig through tree roots with an auger to get your work done. So, can an auger, by itself, get through tree roots? Do you need other tools? What are those tools that can chop through roots?

How to Get a Drain Snake Around a Corner

how to get drain snake around a corner

Crushing clogs the right way means having to get your auger down your pipes until it reaches the clog.  How to get a drain snake around a corner requires a bit of luck but mostly skill and patience.  Most clogs happen at the P trap or other bends in the pipes.  Debris like hair, grease, food, or anything … Read more

Do Propane Ice Augers Freeze Up?

Do propane ice augers freeze up

You might be considering buying a propane ice auger. But, do propane ice augers freeze up in cold weather? If they did, why would so many people love using them to ice fish? It’s a legitimate question to ask, before spending $100s of dollars on an auger.

Ice Fishing Prep: Get Ready to Hit the Ice

ice fishing prep

Ice Fishing prep isn’t hard, but it requires attention to detail. 

You must prepare everything from your tackle, to your ice shack (if you have one) to your truck and supplies.  

We’ve narrowed this post down to preparing your tackle, yourself and your ice shack for the upcoming ice fishing season

What Can You Use to Dissolve Hair in a Drain?

what can you use to dissolve hair in a drain

If your pipes are clogging up because of hair, you need to know what you can use to dissolve hair in a drain. If you’ve got some hairy situation going on in your pipes, you need a fast solution at your fingertips.

How to Unclog a Vent Pipe on Your Roof

how to unclog vent pipe on roof

Clogs can be tough. They might be so tough that you have to learn how to unclog a vent pipe on your roof. The steps to get your vent pipe unclogged are just as easy as working on your kitchen sink. Read on to learn how to identify if your vent is the source of your problems and how to unclog your plumbing vent yourself.

History of Post Hole Diggers

history of post hole auger

The history of the post hole auger goes back 100’s maybe even thousands of years. As long as humans needed water and wells and holes, there has been augers to drill them.