How Deep can a Tractor Auger Dig?

How deep can a tractor auger dig is a question you might be asking if you’ve got some holes to drill this upcoming season.

The answer is “that depends”.  Read on to find out how deep a tractor auger can dig so you can get to work right away.

how deep can a tractor auger dig
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What are Tractor Post Hole Diggers?

Tractor post hole diggers or 3 point post hole augers are a post hole digger attachments for heavy equipment like tractors or bobcats.  You are then using the power of the tractors motor to drill into the soil.

Tractor augers are perfect for larger scale agricultural or farming use because you can drill a ton of holes while minimizing your use of many power.  An auger attached to your tractor also speeds up the process, so you can complete your task faster than if you had to do it manually.

If you have hard or difficult soil, the best post hole digger for a tractor will crush through your post holes without issue.

How Deep Can a Tractor Auger Dig?

Tractor post hole diggers are limited to how deep they can dig by the length of your bit.  Same goes for a regular post hole auger.  

Most tractor auger bits let you drill down about 3 feet, which is the perfect depth to cement in a fence post.  If you’re using your auger bits to drill footings for decks or other structures, you’ll be needing a bit that can drill down to 6 feet.  

Some tractor diggers will include an extension rod so you can drill down that low.  Otherwise, you should also purchase an extension rod.

Drilling Wells: Can a Tractor Auger Drill that Deep?

Not the standard ones you can buy online or at the local shop.  Since they are limited in how deep that can drill, you won’t be hitting a decent water source that shallow.   Call out the Pros to drill a deep well.  They have huge auger drill bits and machinery to drill 100’s of feet deep and tap that aquifer.


How deep can a tractor auger did depends on the length of the standard bit it comes with and whether or not you have an extension rod.