Best Electric Auger

The best electric auger has the potential for making ice fishing and digging post holes much easier. 

From being able to dig post holes easily for landscaping clients or drilling holes to chase fish, it’s one of the most versatile augers on the market.  

With the right electric auger, you can reduce emissions, easily complete tasks, and experience most of the benefits of traditionally powered augers. 

best electric augers
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Best Electric Auger Quick Chart

Best Electric Auger Reviews

5 Best Electric Augers: Editor’s Choice

#1. Ion X

#2. Ion R1

#3. Landworks Earth Auger

#4. Trophy Strike

#5. Hiltex Earth Auger

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#1. Best Electric Ice Auger for 2021: Ion X

ion x best ice auger
  • 8 or 10″ blades
  • Reverse Function
  • 1600″ of drilling on 1 charge
  • 22-25lbs
  • 34-42″ drill bits

Easy and precise drilling with the ION X High Performance Electric Ice Auger.  We love this auger and think it’s the best electric auger on the market.

The new aluminum cast bottom is the latest in auger technology and delivers an even cut that’s smooth when drilling or re-drilling ice fishing holes. 

Perfect for drilling in tight spaces like an ice shanty because of the re-designed handlebars that huge the powerhead.  They also gave us more control over our hole.  

This lightweight electric auger weighs only 22 lbs for the 8 inch and 25 lbs for the 10 inch.  When testing we found it easy to pull on our sled behind us.  

Ion includes one battery, the charger, a 12 inch extension and a blade cover when you purchase this ice auger.  

The LED surface lights were awesome and positioned under the powerhead, letting us drill in the dark winter mornings and nights with no problems.   

In our opinion, this is the best electric auger out there.

-No thermal timeout
-Slush flush reverse
-Comes w/12 inch extension
-Might bog down in slushy ice
-Expensive replacement parts
-Doesn’t have a center spike to hold it in place

#2. Runner Up Best Electric Ice Auger: Ion R1 Ice Auger

ion r1 best ice auger
  • 3 year warranty
  •  8 or 10 inch bits Avail.
  • 22 lbs
  • 30% faster than older models

The Ion R1 Electric Ice Auger  is built for chasing fish.  It drills holes quietly which means you won’t be scaring any fish away.

How long do ION batteries last? Ion auger battery life is pretty impressive, but it really depends on how much you’re drilling and how thick the ice is.  Drill 40 holes through 2 feet of ice on a single charge with this electric auger. 

Weighing in at approx. 22lbs, its lightweight design allows for easy transport and portability over ice.  Ditch mixing oil/gas and nasty fumes with this electric model that you can easily use in your ice shanty. Once of the best electric augers on the market.

Because its electric, you don’t have to worry about mixing oil/gas or fumes in your ice shanty.  Ion includes one battery, a charger, and a 3 year warranty with your purchase.

You will love these extras because it means you can get out on the ice and fish fast, without having to buy additional supplies.

-22 lbs
-Quiet and no fumes
-3 year warranty
-New and expensive
-Weaknesses haven’t been discoverd yet

#3.  Best Electric Earth Auger: Landworks

landworks electric best post hole auger
  • 22lbs
  • 6″ diameter bit 30″ long
  • 2 Amp Battery can upgrade to 4 Amp
  • Wide spaced handles

Landworks is among the only manufacturers of electric earth augers. 

The best thing about electric augers is that you don’t need to buy gasoline or mix fuel/oil to use it.  This model from Landworks comes with a battery life indicator to help you check the battery life of your auger.

This Landworks Electric earth auger is one of the best because it includes a 48V 2Ah lithium-ion battery.

Perfect for specific projects, this electric auger can drill at least 30 holes on a single charge.  If you want to drill more holes on a single charge, upgrade to the 4Ah li-ion battery.  Then you can drill about 60 holes in a single charge.

This Landworks electric post hole digger can be used for a wide range of tasks such as bedding plants, digging post holes, weed and root removal, bulbs, fertilizing shrubs, seedlings, and water aeration.

The blades are interchangeable so you can also use it for ice fishing.  Instead of buying 2 different augers, just switch out the blades and you’re good to go!

We love that this electric auger comes with an overload protector so it doesn’t overheat while using it. It also has a reverse torque control button which would allow you to reverse the spin of the auger and remove dirt. 

All in all, if you’re looking to step away from gas powered augers, this is a great choice.

-30 holes on 1 charge
-Eco friendly
-2Weighs 22.7 lbs
-Not so great in tough soil
-Less powerful than gas and propane augers

#4.  Trophy Strike

trophy strike electric ice auger
  • Drills up to 86 holes in 20″ thick ice
  • Lightweight
  • 380 RPM
  • 8 inch bit
  • Ergonomic Handles

The Trophy Strike 40V is an electric ice auger that drills 8 inch holes and up to 31.5 inches in depth.  

The ergonomically designed handles make using it with our thick gloves super easy.  It’s also lightweight, just like you’d expect an electric ice auger to be. 

Saving a few bucks on this purchase might mean that you sacrifice reliability.

Two known issues include the batteries not being able to charge/hold a charge and the auger parts not being able to hold up to winter drilling conditions.

We tested and found that performance was a bit overstated and that we only get about 70 holes/charge, not 86 but that’s still amazing and we recommend this unit.

-Competitive Price
-Great cold starts
-Handles are glove friendly
-Bogs down at end of hole, must clear ice
-Pwer not overwhelming
-Battery may have some charging issues

#5. Budget Electric Earth Auger: Hiltex

best electrice auger
  • Includes 4 inch bit, other bits available
  • 1.6 horsepower
  • 90 ft/pound torque
  • Can be used by 1 person

This is the second electric auger for post holes that we recommend.  It’s competitively priced.  You can basically buy it for only a bit more than a daily rental from the local hardware store.

And that’s because…the Hiltex isn’t battery operated; it’s corded.  You’ll have to make sure you have a long enough extension cord to reach your project.

Because this unit doesn’t have a reverse function, you have to manually remove it and this can be a problem if you’ve got tougher than normal soil conditions.

While it can get through soil, there isn’t much torque.  The upside to that is if the auger catches on roots or rocks, you won’t get thrown around.  This makes it perfect for beginners.

When testing we noticed that if your drilling in wet soil, you need to bring up the auger occasionally and clear the dirt off the bit.

-Great Price
-Many different bit sizes
-No reverse

What Is an Electric Ice Auger? 

First, let’s discuss the concept of using an auger when ice fishing. An electric ice auger is specifically designed to give you the ability to drill multiple feet into the ice to create the perfect fishing hole. Ice augers are the best tool when you need to drill through thick ice quickly to catch and chase fish.  

Are Electric Ice Augers Any Good?

These unique tools harness the power of torque to drill into the ice, similar to how they dig deep into soil to drill post holes. Using their threaded blades, an ice auger twists itself downwards in a corkscrew motion and removes all traces of ice in its path. Eventually, you’ll get to the surface of the water and gain access to all of the fish you hope to catch that day. 

What makes electric ice augers unique is that they make use of lithium-ion batteries instead of gasoline or propane. It’s a much simpler and cleaner way to power your favorite tool, allowing you to use it in a fishing shack without the worry of exposing yourself to harmful emissions.  

In addition, electric ice augers have many of the same features as more traditionally powered ones, such as a powerful motor and plenty of ergonomic features. 

The Other Types of Augers 

Aside from electric ice augers, there are multiple other types of augers as well. One of the most popular is a toilet auger, which is specifically designed to remove impacted waste from your plumbing pipes. It’s easily one of the most used tools in a professional plumber’s arsenal. 

Other examples of augers include: 

Toilet auger: These augers are designed specifically for toilets.  They have a cover that protects your toilet bowl as the thick and sturdy 3 or 6 foot long metal cord moves around in your pipes to trap and remove nasty toilet clogs. 

Drain auger: Built for drains, the cord is thinner and longer.  It can travel up to 25 feet into your drain and trap grease, hair, food etc that might be clogging up your pipes. 

Propane auger: Ice fishing and post hole augers can come propane powered.   

Gas auger: Just like propane, augers can come gas powered.  You can use them for ice fishing or drilling post holes. 

Tractor auger: Also known as a 3 point auger, these augers attach to a tractor and are the most powerful you can buy without getting a commercial/industrial auger. 

Gardening Auger: Typically used by gardeners, soil augers are smaller in size and are designed to remove topsoil and dirt. Most often, people will use these augers to plant flowers, vegetables, and more. 

Wood Augers: Specifically designed to “drill” into the wood, these augers are ideal for creating large holes in wood. 

Electric Auger Buyer’s Guide 

What to Look for in the Best Electric Ice or Post Hole Auger 

Electric augers are one of the most popular types of augers because they can completely transform your ice fishing or post hole digging experience. They are becoming increasingly popular, which means you’ll be able to pick from dozens of models.

Here’s a list of the most important features to look out for when picking the best electric auger. 

Top Features of the Best Electric Auger
-Ergonomic handles
-User friendly buttons and controls
-Slush flush or reverse function

Lightweight Design 

The portability of an electric auger is one of the main reasons why more people are transitioning from gas to electric. Because they don’t require the use of carburetors, motors, and fuel tanks, electric versions are way more lightweight. Some of the heaviest models may top out at 20 pounds at most, but you can find plenty of light options to suit your needs. 

If you don’t own a snowmobile or a pull behind sled and are carrying your auger to your fishing shack, you’re going to need to find something that isn’t too much of a burden. And because you won’t need to worry about carrying extra propane and gas cans, you can make your gear as light as possible. 

Specially Designed Handlebars 

There’s a lot of torque you’re going to have to harness when using the best electric ice auger, especially because it’s drilling into a thick sheet of ice. With that said, you’re going to need handlebars that are not only padded but designed ergonomically as well. This helps to reduce hand fatigue and helps to stop blisters and cramping. 

Efficient Batteries 

Lithium-ion batteries are well known because they are easy to use and hold a lot of charge within them. However, not every battery is created the same, and you’ll want to make sure your electric auger has efficient batteries installed. Otherwise, you will have to invest in additional batteries far sooner than you had hoped. 

Ideally, the best electric auger will be able to last an entire day of drilling without needing to be recharged. We recommend bringing a second battery with you if you like to chase fish or if you’re going to be out overnight.  Keep your second battery warm to maintain its charge. 

Included Battery Charger 

While discussing batteries, it’s also important that your auger comes with a battery charger that you can easily use at home. If not, you’ll have to invest in a third-party charger, which might not be as efficient.

Lithium-ion batteries can take several hours to charge, especially for such a large tool, and you’ll want an efficient charger at your disposal. 

After every fishing trip, make sure that you fully charge your auger’s batteries. Otherwise, you’ll be stuck with a dead or dying tool.   Don’t look like a donkey and get those batteries charged up before you head out. 

User-Friendly Buttons 

Another giant reason why electric augers are popular is because of how simple they are to start up. You don’t have to worry about mixing fuel to the perfect ratios or replacing propane tanks as you drill. With that said, the buttons used for starting the device should be user-friendly and easily accessible from the handlebars. 

Every electric auger should have on and off buttons as well as the ability to choose from a few different speeds, depending on how quickly you want it to drill. 

Slush Flushing or Reverse Function

Until you go ice fishing with an electric auger for the first time, you won’t realize how convenient having automatic slush flushing is. Instead of having to use a shovel to remove slush from the hole, your auger will do it for you, thereby keeping you warm and dry.

This isn’t a feature that is included in every electric ice auger, but you can find it in the most top-tier models. 

With slush flushing, once your hole has been created, you simply engage the reverse button, and the auger will automatically flush all of the ice slush away from your fishing hole. This gives you premium visibility to keep an eye on your line and the fish. 

Some electric post hole augers will have a reverse function so that you can back out of the holes once they’re drilled.  This helps to remove dirt out of the hole, and saves you from having to manually remove your auger and all the dirt.

The Benefits of Using an Electric Auger 

By now, you can likely tell that an electric auger is one of the most convenient options for ice fishing or post hole drilling. 

There is far more to these tools than convenience, which is what makes them as popular as they are. A few of the most important reasons to choose an electric auger include: 


Even though electric augers still have a lot of torque under the hood, many find they are far more stable than gas and propane augers. This is because gas provides too much power and propane falls slightly below gas, which can be difficult for beginners to manage. 

Instead of struggling while using an auger, it can be better to opt for the more stable option, especially if it’s your first time using one. 

Zero Emissions 

It’s known that gas is one of the dirtiest fuels when it burns, which is why gas augers are not recommended for people using fishing shacks. Not only will you be putting out harmful emissions into the atmosphere, but you’re also exposing yourself to toxic chemicals. 

In addition, fuels that are dirty when burned will wreak havoc on the sensitive components of your auger, such as the carburetor. This is where electric augers are far more superior. 

Electric augers only require batteries to be powered. There’s no need for any extra fuels that are messy, smell terrible, and produce an insane amount of exhaust. It’s surely the cleanest option for digging fishing or post holes, other than manual augers, which are far more labor-intensive. 


The number one feature of electric augers that sets them apart from the competition is their convenience. Not only are they designed to be the second-most lightweight option, but they reduce the amount of money you have to put into your fishing expeditions.

You don’t have to worry about carrying a ton of gear with you when you go fishing, such as jerry cans and propane tanks. 

Their easy-to-use functions make them a great choice for beginners and seasoned DIYers alike, as the convenience is unmatched by any other type of auger. You’re also sure to appreciate their more high-tech features. 

What is the Best Electric Ice Auger?

After testing, we can recommend the ION X as the best electric ice auger.


When it comes to finding the best electric auger, you need to look at all of the top models on the market. With an assortment of features designed for your convenience and to improve your hole drilling, there’s a reason as to why they’re one of the most popular powered augers on the market.