Best Garden Auger

If you love to garden, the best garden auger should be a tool you own. 

Create the most beautiful garden this year and be the envy of the neighborhood with the best garden auger.  Plant a huge number of bulbs, seedling, and shrubs with this tool. Replace your old manual bulb planter with a drill powered garden auger.

Best garden auger reviews below for you!

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Best Garden Auger Quick List

Best Bulb Planter for Your Garden Quick List

Best Garden Auger Reviews

Garden Auger Drill Bit Bulb Planter

  • 2 bits
  • 1.6″ and 3″ bits
  • Alloy Steel
  • 16.5 inches long

The Garden Auger Drill Bit is one of the best planting augers out there. With its’ 16.5 inch long bit, you can whip through tons of holes without using your back too much.

Comes with 2 different sized drill bits, which we love. This let’s you do multiple jobs without having to buy more bits. Saves you money and let’s you get more jobs done. The bits are made with alloy steel coated in paint which is rust and corrosion resistant.

Even with that special coating, always ensure to clean your garden auger thoroughly after use and store it so it doesn’t get damaged.

We love that the bit is pointed which is a big help when starting holes. As with most garden auger bits, it attaches to a 3/8″ or lager chucked drill of 18V or greater power.

Be careful how fast you use this drill, if it gets caught up on rocks or roots it will kick back and hurt your wrist.

The hex engagement where is attaches to the drill is its weak point. It is made of a softer metal and tends to warp and round at the top if using in less than ideal soils.

Easy to connect and operate
Fast bulb and seedling planting
Comes with 2 drill bits: 1.6 inch and 3 inch
Inspect welds on the bit
Not so great in tougher soils
Hex engagement begins to round at the top

Heavy Duty Bulb and Bedding Plant Auger

  • 28″ long
  • 2.75 inch diameter
  • Steel
  • Chuck comes undone frequently

The Heavy Duty Plant Auger is another garden auger you can use to create the garden of your dreams. Save 75% of your time by using the most effective gardening and planting tool: a plant auger

At 28″ long, average and tall people alike will find this plant auger helps them to plant bulbs etc. faster and more efficiently without hurting their knees and backs by bending over. For use with your 3/8″ 18V drill. Your drill can power this unit for a decent amount of time; longest for very easy soils.

Like most of these plant augers, you are limited in the type of soil you can drill. Clay, tough, and/or rocky soils are out because the drill bit could break. Stick to soft soils with this model.

This auger shares the same issue as the previous one: the rounded shaft means that the bit will slip inside the chuck, forcing you to stop and retighten the chuck more often than is convenient. For this reason, we can’t recommend this bulb auger.

Simple to use
Perfect Length for average height people
Rounded shank causes issues with drill
Only comes with 1 bit

Yard Butler Plant Auger

  • 30″ long bit
  • 1.25 inch diameter
  • Pointed tip
  • No more bending over

The Yard Butler’s 30″ large garden auger drill bit works its magic to keep you from bending over and wrecking your back while enjoying your time in the garden. Like with any other garden auger, drill slowly and carefully to avoid roots, rocks, and other objects that may grab your bit and pull the drill out of your hand.

The pointed tip on this garden auger drill attachment is handy for starting holes with precision.

Attach onto a 3/8″ 18V drill to dig holes easily.

This bit digs up to 28 inches deep and 1.25 inches wide. This plant auger is best suited for soft soils. Go slowly when drilling to reduce the stress on the bit.

This plant auger will turn your garden from a 1 day job to a 2-3 hour job all while saving your back and knees from aches and pains. Must use this auger carefully, as the auger is spot welded rather than a solid weld. This means under hard pressure or drilling through tough soils could cause a break in the welds.

All in all, we can’t recommend this model due to the weld weakness and the shaft that is round and doesn’t stay seated in the chuck when drilling. You can flatten the shank to fit your drill if you like, but that’s just extra work.

Long bit for taller people and drilling deeper holes
Insert into drill chuck is more round than hexogon shaped
Spot welded rather than a solid weld so use with caution

Cyleodo Garden Auger

  • Alloy Steel
  • 2 bits
  • 30″ Length 2″ diameter
  • 24″ length and 3.5″ diameter
  • Painted finish

The Cycleodo is a large garden auger that’s long enough to plant anything and save your back and knees. Get more done quicker with this 2 pack of bulb auger drill bits.

This pack comes with bits that are heavy duty steel and includes a 24″ long by 3.5″ diameter bit and a 30″ long by 2″ diameter bit. The 30″ bit is 100% solid barrel.

Minimum 14V drill to operate these units, but we recommend at least 18V.

Get 60 bulbs into the ground with this bulb planter in no time flat and with minimal effort. The length of these drill bits is a true back saver. The painted finish helps to keep dirt from sticking to the bit, making it easier to remove dirt from the holes you drill. The pointed bits make starting holes and drilling them straight much simpler.

As with most garden augers, this works best with soft soil and sand. Receive a 30 day satisfaction guarantee when you purchase the Cycleodo Bulb Auger Drill bit for your tool shed.

Comes with 2 bits
30 day satisfaction guarantee
Drill slowly or the drill will buck and twist

K-Brands Drill Bit Garden Auger

  • 16 inches long
  • 2 bits
  • Alloy Steel
  • 1.6″ and 3.5″ bits

The K-Brand Garden Auger Set is a great planting auger set. It comes with a 1.6″ and a 3.5 inch drill bit so you have most of your planting needs covered. Saves you money and let’s you get more jobs done. The bits are made with alloy steel coated in paint which is rust and corrosion resistant. Always clean your auger after use anyways, to make it last longer.

The bits are 16 inches long, which helps reduce the amount of bending over you have to do, saving your back.

The centering point on the bit helps you to start holes and to keep them straight. As with most garden auger bits, it attaches to a 3/8″ or lager chucked drill of 18V or greater power.

Be careful how fast you use garden augers with your drill, if it gets caught up on rocks or roots it will kick back and hurt your wrist.

Make sure the double check the chuck and make sure its tight during use.

Comes with 2 drill bits: 1.6 inch and 3.5 inch
Easy to use
Bits could be longer
Pause to check the chuck tightness while working, it comes loose

Honoson 3 Piece Bulb Auger

  • 3 drill bits
  • Alloy steel
  • 1.6 “, 1.8″, 3” diameter bits
  • 2 color options

This large garden auger drill bit from Honoson is 3″ in diameter, which is larger than most. Planting larger bedding plants, seedlings, shrubs and bushes is much easier. Works clay just as well as the easier soils.

This 3 bit garden auger drill bit package comes with enough bits to manage multiple planting jobs without having to stop and purchase additional bits. The only thing we didn’t like about this model, is that if you’re taller, the included drill bits aren’t really long enough to save you from having to bend over while drilling planting holes. We’d like to see a longer auger bit included so we can also drill deeper holes.

The 3 auger bits included are

  • 1.6 x 9 inch
  • 1.8 by 14.6 inch
  • 3 x 7 inch

Use these bits with an 18V or greater drill. The bits are made of steel, coated with paint to resist rust and corrosion. Always clean off your bits after use to prevent any damage from occurring.

Be careful if you’ve got tough soil, this may no be the bit for you as the longer one could bend under the effort of drilling.

2 color options for your bits are black and green, which is a nice option to have.

3 drill bits included
Multiple sizes available
Pointed bits easier to start holes with
2 color options
Longer bit would be nice to include
Not so great in tougher soils

LongRun Plant Auger

  • 2.4 inch diameter
  • 23 inches long
  • Manganese steel bit
  • Many different sizes and lengths avail.
  • Durable

If you’re looking for an auger drill bit for soil, look no further. The Longrun garden auger is a sturdy drill bit that can do all of the heavy work for you.

Planting all of your starters will be so much easier after you’ve bought this bulb auger. Like most drill bits, it works best when used with a 3/8″ 18V cordless drill. The more powerful the drill, the faster it will dig holes for your bulbs and plants.

23 inches long and approximately 2.4 inches wide is perfect for everything you plan on planting this year. You don’t have to buy a bunch of different drill bits to get all your planting done at the same time.

The alloy steel blade can bear the impact of not so great soil and even small rocks without issues.

We love that there are several different sized and lengths available from this brand. We found the the design of the drill bit helps to move soil up and out of the hole as you drill. This helps save your back and knees so much because you aren’t having to bend over and remove soil by hand.

Keep the auger clean when not in use and store it hanging so it doesn’t get damaged.

Easy to Use and assemble
Only comes with 1 drill bit

Jayzod Planting Auger

  • 2 bits
  • 1.6″ x 8.7″
  • 4 x 12″
  • Easy to use
  • Affordable

The Jayzod Planting Auger is a great planting auger to use for your garden needs but for a bit cheaper than all the other models on this list.

Comes with 2 different sized drill bits: one is 1.6 by 9 inches and the other is 4 by 12 inches. You can complete multiple jobs without having to buy more bits. The 1.6 inch is perfect for bulbs, saplings and veggie starts while the 4 inch is great for larger plants and trees. Maybe even small fence posts.

Getting 2 bits in this kit saves you money and let’s you get more jobs done. The bits are made with alloy steel coated in paint which is rust and corrosion resistant. Clean your garden auger thoroughly after use and store it so it doesn’t get damaged.

The fact that this garden auger comes with a sharp centering point in the middle helps to drill holes more efficiently. Just like all the other gardn augers on this list, this planting auger attaches to a 3/8″ or lager chucked drill of 18V.

Not so great in clay soil or soil with rocks, but that is true of most brands of large and small garden augers. You have to remove the rocks by hand if you encounter any.

Easy to connect and operate
Fast bulb and seedling planting
Comes with 2 drill bits
Value for money
Not great in clay soils
Not so great with rocks: beware

Best Garden Auger Buying Guide for Power Planters

How do I Choose the Right Garden Auger: Main Features to Look for

When looking for a bulb auger, there are some important features to consider. Choose the best garden auger the first time by following our advice below. All of the models above can also be used as bulb planters, speeding up your planting a ton.

Features of the Best Garden Auger Drill Bit
Right Length
Made of sturdy rust proof metal
Easy to Clean
Comes with a few different bits
Standard 3/8″ fitting
Highly Rated

Right Length

Double check before you buy your plant auger that its long enough to drill holes that you need. Also, you want it long enough so that you aren’t using your back or knees too much when planting. This will make gardening a much happier experience!


You want to make sure that your garden auger isn’t made of cheap materials that will twist, bend, or break if they hit a small rock or root. The drill bit should be coated with a protective paint or sealant that also prevents rusting. This will ensure that your bulb auger drill bits last a long time.

Easy to Clean

Coated drill bits will be easier to clean. The dirt will slide right off instead of getting stuck and becoming a problem.

Power Planter Auger Comes with Several Bits

A few of our garden auger options above come with more than 1 drill bit. This is great, because then you can plant so many more things if you have wider and longer drill bits. Saves you from having to spend extra money buying multiple drill bits too.

3/8″ Fitting

You want the augers to fit your cordless drill. The standard size to fit a drill is a 3/8″ fitting. Make sure that the bulb auger you choose states that size.

Highly Rated

Buying a highly rated plant or bulb planter auger means that other people have used that brand and approve of it, recommending it to other gardeners. Stay away from products that other gardeners don’t recommend. You’re just buying trouble.

Do Plant Augers Work? 

So do planting augers work? You bet they do! Plant Augers are attached to your cordless drill in the same place that you attach your other bits. They drill holes anywhere for 2 inches to 4 inches across and 12 to 30 inches deep. Do garden auger drill bits work? Yes they do. You can use the for planting anything you can think of. Use your bulb auger to plant the following: 

  • Bulbs
  • Seedlings
  • Veggie Starters
  • Tree saplings
  • Shrubs
  • Small Bushes
  • Stirring compost heap
  • Even use your plant auger to drill holes and secure a beach umbrella in the ground 

What Kind of Drill do You Need for a Garden Auger? 

What drill is best for a garden auger? A garden auger requires you to have a cordless drill. This way you can work all around the yard without being limited by a corded drill. If all you have at the moment is a corded drill, you could use an extension cord and work around the yard as well. Grad yourself a cordless drill when you can, it will be so much easier.  Make sure that you have spare batteries for your drill if you have lots of things to plant. Drilling in harder soils can drain batteries faster than normal.

How Much Power do I Need for a Power Planter?

Some garden auger drill bits claim you need a 14V drill. We don’t agree. Drilling through soil requires you to have a minimum 18V cordless drill. You can even use a corded drill if that’s all you have at the moment.

Are Garden Augers Worth It?

For less than $50, you can grab a garden auger power planter. Sometimes 2-3 bits will come in the package. You will have enough bits to plant anything you can think of. You won’t have to bend over or use your knees as much and this will save you aches and pains. When you are able to plant your entire garden in 1/3 of the time as it takes when you use a shovel, you will KNOW that a garden auger is 100% worth it.

What Size of Auger do You Need for Planting?

What size auger do I need? Regular bulbs, annuals, small potted plants, and veggies starters, tree saplings will only require a 2-4 inch auger bit. 2″ auger bits are pretty standard. Planting a 1-2 gallon tree will require a large auger. 5-7 inch augers are great for planting trees and large quart or 1 gallon plants, trees, post holes, shrubs, etc.

What are the Lengths of Garden Augers Available?

Most garden augers come in a minimum of 6 inches and up to 30″ and sometimes even longer. You can get power planter augers in 8″, 10″, 12″ and everything up to 30″.

What is the Best Bulb Auger?

The Garden Auger Drill Bit is one of the best planting augers out there. With its’ 16.5 inch long bit, you can whip through tons of holes without using your back too much.


The best garden auger will help you plant a better garden, faster, and with less strain on your body than ever before. Grab one and get started on your garden plan for this year. 


What are garden augers good for?

You can use garden augers to plant many things including veggies, seeds, bulbs, shrubs and trees.