Best Ice Auger

Opting for the best ice auger gives you the ability to easily make holes in the ice and catch some delicious fish. There are many different types of augers such as manual, gas, propane and electric. Electric is becoming the optimal choice for many.  

Knowing the pros and cons of different ice auger brands, can help you to make the most of your time spent ice fishing. 

best ice auger
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Best Ice Auger Fast Comparison Chart

Best Ice Auger Reviews

Our top tested and rated Ice Auger are listed here:

#1. Ion X High Performance Electric

#2. Eskimo HC 40 Propane

#3. Jiffy 30 ALL XT 10″

#4. Eskimo Sting Ray 33cc

#5. Ion R1 Electric

#6. Strike Master Lazer

#7. Strike Master Honda-Lite

#8. Trophy Strike

#9. Strike Master Chipper Lite

#10. ThunderBay 33cc

Premium Ice Auger

#1. ION High Performance Electric Auger


  • 8 or 10″ blades
  • Reverse Function
  • 40V battery, 1600″ of drilling on 1 charge
  • 22-25lbs
  • 34-42″ drill bits

Precise reliable drilling with ease with the new ION X High Performance Electric Ice Auger.   

The best electric ice auger you can get. Save yourself the hassle of dealing with fuel.

You get the latest in cutting edge ice auger technology with a new aluminum cast bottom.  This gives you a smoother more even cut when drilling or re-drilling ice fishing holes.   

During testing we found that the re-designed handles bars that are closer to the powerhead let us drill in tight spaces (like your ice shanty) and gave us more control.   We love that.

Weighing in at only 22 lbs for the 8 inch and 25 lbs for the 10 inch, it was easy to pull on our sled behind us.  

Ion includes one battery, the charger, a 12 inch extension and a blade cover when you purchase this ice auger.  Good value for your dollar.  You can get everything you need with one purchase and get out fishing faster.

The LED surface lights were awesome and positioned under the powerhead, letting us drill at night with no problems. You can also buy a handy Ion Carry Bag that fits Ion Augers AND most other types of Augers.

-No Thermal Timeout
-Slush Flush Reverse
-Comes w/12 inch extension
-Might bog down in slushy ice
-Jumps around if drilling on uneven surface
-Doesn’t have center spike to hold it in place
-Expensive Replacement Parts

Editor’s Top Rated Best Ice Auger

#2. Eskimo Ice Auger

Eskimo HC 40 

Eskimo hc40  review
  • 8 or 10 inch
  •  Propane Powered
  • Auto Prime fuel system
  • Holds 1lb propane cyclinder
  • 32-34lbs

The Eskimo HC40 Ice Auger is the best propane-powered ice auger.  It offers several features that allow for an easy, yet powerful operation.  

The HC40 engine was built by engineers to use higher octane propane instead of gas. No toxic fumes so you can use this auger in your ice house.  Clean burning and low maintenance. 

With 40ccs and a four cycle engine, this Eskimo Ice Auger packs some serious power and torque.  The higher compression ratio let’s you get more power out of the Eskimo than other ice augers.   

When testing we found the engine is pretty lightweight.  The perfect combo. This line of Eskimo ice augers comes with Quantum blades.  We found it to be incredibly sharp and cut through the ice easily.   You can even buy a handy Eskimo carrying bag to protect your vehicle and your auger from any damage while transporting. 

Choose from either a 10-inch cutting diameter or an eight-inch one. There are durable foam grip handlebars which are comfortable for operation. 

Even though it’s powerful, the Eskimo HC40 is one of the quieter models we tested. Making a lot of noise won’t help you catch any fish. 

Eskimo includes a blade protector made from hard plastic and an adjustable rubber strap to keep the blade protector in place. 

The four-cycle engine also provides for better efficiency, a higher level of durability, limited pollution, and more torque.

You simply attach a one-pound propane bottle, flip the switch to on, and pull the grip recoil. You don’t have to prime the engine or fill a tank.  

For maintenance you can grab the Eskimo Oil Collection, made specifically from Eskimo Propane Ice Augers.  Don’t forget your Eskimo Blade Protector to keep you and your blade safe from damage. 

The Eskimo HC40 is a great investment for any ice fisher who wants a powerful, propane-powered auger.   One of our favorites. 

-Powerful Quantum Blades
-Efficient Engine
-Auto Prime System
-Hard Start in Very Cold Temps
-Plastic Body can Feel Cheap

#3. Jiffy 10” Ice Auger

jiffy 30 ALL XT

  • Gas Powered
  • Serrated blades
  • 32-36lbs
  • 49cc, 4 stroke
  • Available in 6, 8 and 9 inch too

Whether you are gearing up for another upcoming ice fishing season or you just want to add to your arsenal of toys, you need a reliable, quality ice auger.  

The Jiffy 30 ALL XT 10” Ice Auger is new and improved over the previous model, the Jiffy 44.  

This Jiffy gas auger is a very close 2nd to the Eskimo HC40 in terms of being the best propane ice auger around.  It’s a powerful ice drill which comes with several unique features  to help with better control and higher efficiency.   

During testing we loved the new, wider handles and the serrated ripper blades.  It cut through the ice like butter, making drilling easy and manageable.  

With that said, at 32 to 36 lbs, it’s bit on the heavier side compared to all the other models we tested. So, iyou’re looking for an ultra-lightweight auger, this probably isn’t the model for you. 

Jiffy also includes a plastic blade protector with purchase. The quality build on Jiffy ice augers means that maintenance is virtually nonexistent. 

Other than being heavy, this ice auger can meet your goals of cutting through ice without issue.  It’s marketed as always starting right away, and it mostly does, but not when it’s super cold. 

Get your fuel and get your fish on! 

-Powerful Engine
-New Serrated Blade System
-Risk Free Purchase
-Can be difficult to start in colder weather
-Heavy given the engine size

Best Value for Money

#4. Eskimo Stingray S33

Eskimo 8″ Stingray S33  

best ice auger eskimo stingray
  • 33cc
  • Gas Powered
  • See through gas tank
  • 28lbs
  • 42 inch drill depth

When it comes to value and features, the Eskimo Stingray S33 is a great option.  

The Eskimo Stingray 8 inch ice auger is the best gas ice auger and definitely a powerhouse when it comes to ice fishing.  We found that if you need to drill multiple holes, its 33cc Viper engine will allow you to do it with ease.

The Quantum blades easily cut through the ice.

When it comes to stability, the Eskimo Stingray 33cc 8” Power Auger provides a wide range of features to allow you to use the power auger easily.

The steel handlebars stabilize the power auger while drilling to reduce stress on your hands. We really loved the primer button and the fingertip throttle trigger.

The primer button can be used to start the engine easily, while the throttle trigger will allow you to control the engine when drilling.  Protect your blades and hands with the Eskimo Blade Protector.

Be careful though, since the rubber cover on the on/off rocker switch tends to freeze in super cold temps. You can even buy a handy Eskimo carrying bag to protect your vehicle and your auger from any damage while transporting. 

If you want something that won’t break the bank, the Eskimo Stingray is a good pick.

-Oversized Mitten Grip Handles
-Finger Tip Throttle Control
-Steel Handlebars
On/off rocker switch under rubber cover tends to freeze
Break in period 30-40 holes
Pull cord isn’t as strong as it should be

Best Electric Ice Auger

#5. Ion R1 Electric Auger

Ion Ice Auger 

ion ice auger for ice fishing NEW model
  • 30% faster than older models
  • Reverse Function
  • Centering Point
  • Electric
  • 8 Inch Model

If you love chasing fish, the Ion Electric Ice Auger is built for you.  The quiet operation means you won’t be scaring any fish away.

This 8 inch ice auger drills up to 40 holes through 2 feet of ice on a single charge.

Weighing in at 22lbs, its lightweight design allows for easy transport and portability over ice. Because its electric, you don’t have to worry about mixing oil/gas or fumes in your ice shanty.

Ion includes one battery, the charger, and a 12 inch extension with your purchase.  You can also buy a handy Ion Carry Bag that fits Ion Augers AND most other types of Augers.

If you want the newest in technology and the best in ice augers, grab the Ion R1 today!

-Lightweight Quiet and no fumes
-Drills faster than older models

Best Hand Auger

#6. StrikeMaster Lazer Hand Auger

StrikeMaster Lazer

best ice auger strikemaster lazer hand auger
  • Adjusts from 48-57″
  • Stainless Steel Blades
  • Coated to reduce ice build up
  • Ergonomic handle system

It’s not often that you hear people saying that a hand auger cuts through ice like a hot knife through butter!  But when they do, you should listen.

When we tested the StrikeMaster Lazer Hand Auger we were impressed.  What impressed us most was the ease of use, how sharp the blades are, and the stainless steel construction.

If you’re going to use a hand auger, then this is THE one you want to use.  When drilling holes, it cut through the ice almost twice as fast as other comparable hand augers. 

We timed it and we could drill through approximately 10″ of ice in 10 seconds….14-17 inches in just under 30. When chasing fish, a fast cutting hand auger is important.

The handle adjusts from 48 inches to 57 inches, giving you good reach when drilling through deep ice.  It comes in a ton of diameters from 4″ to 8″. 

If you’re after larger fish, we recommend you go for the 8″ model.  The 5″ will do for perch and walleye.

It tends to catch at the end of the hole but it’s nothing that would steer us away from using this hand ice auger again.

Pair this with a drill and you save a ton over electric, propane and gas augers. The best ice auger for cordless drills hands down.

-Easy to use
-Sharp Blades
-Comes in 4 to 8 inch diameter
-Cuts through ice FAST
-Catches at the end of holes
-Double check that the blades are Swedish made, they are the best quality

#7. Strikemaster Honda Lite Ice Auger

Strikemaster Honda Lite

best ice auger strikemaster honda lite
  • Gas Powered
  • Mora Lazer blades: BEST blades!
  • 23lbs
  • 2 year warranty on Honda Enginre
  • 35cc 4 stroke OHC

The StrikeMaster Honda Lite delivers consistent performance with its 35cc four stroke OHC engine.

If you’re environmentally conscious, this Honda gas auger delivers 75% less emissions than other 2 stroke gas powered ice augers. This StrikeMaster ice auger comes equipped with Mora Ice Lazer Blades, top quality sharpened blades from Sweden. Mora blades are considered to be the best ice slicing blades on the market.

The polymer gear casting reduces the weight of this gas auger to one of the lightest in its category for 10 inch holes: 23 lbs! The high impact vibration absorption handlebars help to reduce fatigue when drilling multiple holes, like when you’re chasing fish.

Some owners have problems with starting their Honda Lite.  The carb is jetted for a range of cold temps so this can lead to issues with the engine getting enough fuel when cold.

When starting it cold, do not prime the engine.  Instead, hold the throttle down while pulling and it should start 1st or second pull.  Once warm, you’ll have no issues starting it.

StrikeMaster ice auger parts are available from:

-Top Quality Mora Lazer Blades from Sweden
-2 Year Warranty
-High Impact handles soak up vibration
-Can be hard to start
-Need to check carb and idle and set them right
-Tube from tank to carb might be too long

#8. Trophy Strike 

Trophy Strike Ice Auger Drill

trophy strike ice auger
  • Electric
  • Drills up to 70 holes in 20″ thick ice
  • Lightweight
  • Ergonomic Handles

If you’re looking to save a few bucks but still get out on the ice the Trophy Strike may be for you.

For the price, you get an ice auger that drills 8 inch holes and up to 35.5 inches in depth.  

What we loved about this auger was the ergonomically designed handles that made using it with our thick gloves a breeze.  I know I’m always struggling when I’ve got my thick gloves on. The Trophy Strike eliminates this problem.

It’s also lightweight, just like you’d expect an electric ice auger to be. Just know to save some money you may have to sacrifice reliability.

You can’t have everything you want for a cheap price, but this auger comes pretty close.

Two known issues include the batteries not being able to charge/hold a charge and the auger parts not being able to hold up to winter drilling conditions.

We tested and found that performance was a bit overstated and that we only get about 70 holes/charge, not 86. As long as you are prepared for this, you won’t be disappointed.

You get what you pay for.

-Competitive Price
-Great at Cold Starts
-Handles are Glove Friendly
-Bogs down at end of hole, must clear ice
-Power not overwhelming
-Battery may have charging issues

#9. Strikemaster Chipper Lite Ice Auger

Strikemaster Chipper Lite Power Ice Auger

best ice auger
  • Gas Powered
  • 2 stroke 32cc 1.5HP
  • 8″Steel chipper blade
  • 40:1 trans
  • Heat treated steel gears

If we were looking at buying a gas powered auger, the Strikemaster Chipper Lite would be our first choice.

The Chipper Lite is a gas powered two stroke auger and you’ll notice the power while drilling.

The auger has a 32cc engine with 1.5 horsepower, producing enough force for you to drill through thick layers of ice comfortably and quickly.  During testing, reopening holes was never a problem.

And the 8.25 inch holes it drilled were the perfect size. The Chipper Lites blades are perfect for when you’re dealing in dirty and uneven ice.  The blades have a super sharp tip to prevent the auger from jerking around too much while drilling.

We did find that the two stroke was noisier than other ice augers, but that’s expected for this type of engine.

-2 year warranty
-Lightweight: 24 lbs
-A bit loud
-Doesn’t always start on the 1st pull

#10. Thunder Bay 33cc Gas Ice Auger

Thunder Bay 33cc 8

best ice auger thunderbay
  • Gas Powered
  • 33 cc
  • 32 lbs
  • Geared to deliver extra torque

If you’re looking for a budget gas powered auger, the ThunderBay 33cc may be for you. This ice auger is geared for extra torque cutting through 25 holes in a row without issue.

We found that until it warmed up, you needed to give it 3 or 4 pulls to get it started.  You may need to adjust the idle so that it idles properly when not warmed up all the way.

It cuts 8 inch diameter holes, perfect for larger fish and comes with a blade protector. While testing, we found it to be on the heavy side, compared to other gas powered augers on our Best Ice Augers top 10 list.  

The 33cc, two cycle engine does require you to mix gas and oil at a ratio of 40:1.  We recommend using a pre-mixed fuel called Tru-Fuel to get ‘er done.

-Easy Cold Starts
-Low Price
-Good torque and power
-32 lbs, heavier than most
-Might need to adjust idle

Best Ice Augers: Buyer’s Guide

What Is an Electric Ice Auger?

You’ve likely seen an auger at some point, especially in landscaping. These tools are designed to enable you to drill a hole into the ground with minimal effort, especially the electric battery powered augers. 

Electric ice augers are slightly different than the rest, as they are specially designed to drill through thick sheets of ice. 

Auger blades are shaped differently depending on the surface to be drilled.  The blades maybe be sharper or serrated with an ice auger vs an earth auger. 

Some might assume that since they are called electric, you’ll need a connection to power.  Good news is that they are typically cordless and battery-operated, which makes them a more environmentally friendly and lightweight option to have at your disposal.  

Built simply with a handle and a threaded shank, they are highly versatile tools.  With your ice auger in hand, you simply place it over the spot on the ice where you want to drill your hole.  

The next step is to turn it on and then allow it to do all the work for you, instead of having to twist the handle on your own.   The threaded shank will make its way into the ice until it breaks through. 

What to Look for in Ice Fishing Augers  

What Are the Most Important Features to Look For when buying an ice auger? 

The most obvious advantage of having an ice fishing auger is that it is specifically designed to make your job easier. You won’t have to crank the shaft manually for it to work its way into the ice, which also makes your fishing expeditions less time-consuming.  

Features to Look for in an Ice Fishing Auger
-Long battery life
-Good cold start
-Fuel efficient
-Metal Parts
-Easy to find and replace parts yourself

#1. Lithium-Ion Batteries 

When you’re headed out on a fishing trip, you’re going to want to ensure your auger won’t run out of charge before you make enough holes.  

This is why these devices are equipped with lithium-ion batteries, which are known to hold plenty of charges and last over hours of continuous use.  

As advancements are made to electric augers since they are relatively new, the battery life is only foreseen to get better. Make sure that the auger you buy has a depth per charge or drilling hours per charge so you have an idea of what to expect when you’re ice fishing. 

On average, lithium-ion batteries can take several hours to charge, especially if they’re powering heavy-duty equipment such as an ice auger.  Beware not to overcharge your batteries and store them in a warmer environment to avoid the battery not keeping a charge or becoming difficult to keep a change in the future. 

Once they have fully charged, though, they’ll power the device for several hours without needing to switch them out or recharge them.  

If you intend on taking an overnight trip to your favorite fishing hole, it’s recommended you bring spare batteries.

#2. Highly Portable and Lightweight 

The main premise behind any auger is to give the user the ability to carry it to their desired location, whether it’s an ice fishing hole or their backyard but not all are designed the same.   

Electric augers are known for being lightweight and portable, even with the added weight of a battery. 

When you take out the need for gas, you’re also removing all the heavy components needed to operate the device and as such, they are becoming more lightweight as advancements are made.  

Most ice augers now weigh approximately 40% less than gas augers, which is ideal for people who want to pack as light as possible.  Additionally, you won’t need to worry about straining yourself while traveling. 

Try to find an auger that is lightweight but still powerful enough to get through the layers of ice and dig as many holes as you need while chasing fish.  Careful though, some brands achieve a lighter weight in their ice augers by using plastic parts or lower grade metal that can’t withstand cold temps and heavy use. 

#3. On-Demand Power 

A major concern for gas auger users is that getting the unit started is more difficult than you might anticipate, especially if it’s an older auger.  

You have to ensure there is enough gas in the tank as well as oil all in addition to cranking it several times until it starts up.  All of this can be avoided when you opt for an ice fishing auger with an electric startup.  

With access to on-demand power, you won’t have to worry about extreme cold affecting the inner components of the engine nor will you have to wait several times for the tool to start working.  

Depending on your model, you likely have to push a single button and it starts up in a matter of seconds. Another important feature of this is that you can use it consistently without leaving an idle engine running.  

You’ll more than likely need to drill several holes in the same area and instead of leaving the auger running, burning gas and posing a safety risk, you can start and stop the tool with the power button. 

Propane ice augers can be a bit finnicky to get started in colder weather, the trade off is that they are super efficient with respect to fuel.  Your propane canister will most likely last longer than a battery ice auger. 

#4. Quieter Use 

Like any fisher, you know how important it is not to scare your catch away; otherwise, you’ll be spending more time than necessary waiting for a bite.  

Although electric augers aren’t completely silent, they are far less noisy than their gas counterparts.  This applies to any tool that has a gas and electric option since gas is noticeably louder and causes stronger vibrations on the ice. 

When you start your electric auger, it’s a very dull noise which will be far less likely to scare away your fish, making them ideal for plenty of ice anglers.  

Search out the quietest ice auger you can afford.  Make sure that you aren’t sacrificing power for less noise. You’ll also find that you’ll appreciate the quietness of the tool yourself, so you can enjoy your time spent fishing in the quiet outdoors. 

#5. Zero Emissions 

This is particularly important for anglers who use ice fishing houses, as the last thing you’ll want is to have to inhale exhaust fumes which are terrible for your health.  

Gas augers put out a large level of fumes compared to electric ice augers, which create zero emissions.  You’ll not only be protecting yourself, but also the environment. 

There’s no point to putting an excessive amount of pollutants into the air if you can avoid it with the help of a tool designed for ease of use and convenience.  If you’re environmentally-conscious, you’ll see no other choice other than a manual or electric ice auger. 

#6. Simple (and Cheap) Maintenance and Parts 

Aside from being convenient to operate, when it comes to maintaining your ice fishing auger, you’ll find it’s substantially easier than originally thought.  

You won’t have to worry about combining the perfect ratios of oil and gas nor will you be concerned about flooding and leakages, as you would with a gas tank.  The only type of maintenance to do is recharging the electric battery and storing it in a warm place so that it’s ready to use in the future. 

Make sure that parts are available for the ice auger you choose.  You could need another battery, handle or blade replacements, or a dirt blade for your powerhead.   

Also check that replacement parts aren’t super expensive and that the company has a rock solid warranty that covers defects for a long time. 

#7. Interchangeable Blades 

Imagine that you buy an ice auger.  Summer comes along, and now you need to dig some holes in the dirt.  Wouldn’t be great if you could use your ice auger powerhead?   

You can, if you purchase dirt blades for your ice auger drill.  Check out our detailed explanation to learn if you can use your ice auger for dirt and learn the difference between an ice auger vs an earth auger. 

Advice for Picking out the Best Ice Auger 

3 Things You Need to Look For When Buying an Ice Auger  

Every tool that you own serves its purpose and although electric augers seem to be the cure-all solution to your ice fishing woes, they still do have a couple of disadvantages. 

#1. Battery Life

At this point, an ice auger drill operating with gas will outlast the majority of electric augers, especially when it comes to drilling multiple holes. 

Batteries are going to be consumed at a far faster pace than gas, but as technology advances, the gap between the two is sure to get closer.  

This is especially true for anglers taking a weekend trip to their favorite fishing spot. With overnight stays, though, you won’t have to worry about bringing additional batteries or keeping an eye on the charge of your auger.  

All you have to do is bring extra gasoline and as augers won’t go through your entire reserve in one sitting, they can be a more convenient solution. 

#2. Power 

If you’re not going to invest a large sum of money into the top-tier electric augers, the power from an electric one may be lacking.

Nevertheless, this is common amongst most gas and electric tools, as gas inevitably powers a motor better so it operates at peak efficiency. You’ll mostly see a difference if you are trying to drill through thick sheets of ice and intend on making upwards of 100 holes each day.  

The deeper you need to go with your auger, the less efficient it will become, which can make it difficult to use over longer periods.

#3. Cost 

With all of the points about power taken into consideration, the cost of an electric ice auger drill with the power of a gas auger is going to be substantially higher. 

If you’re budget-conscious, opting for gas may be a better alternative but you’re going to need to take your ice fishing frequency into account.  Also, cheaper models tend to have plastic parts that may become weak and break in the cold weather.   

You will also want to think about the cost of gas, as with an electric model, you never have to buy any additional items to make the unit work when you need it. 

It’s easy to see how the advantages of an electric ice auger overtake their disadvantages when compared to gas, though is it true that electric augers are better than manual ones as well? 

Get your Ice Fishing Auger ready for fishing season with our handy post!


As someone who enjoys ice fishing, you’ll find no tool more important than an ice auger, as they are specifically designed to give you the ability to drill through ice sheets as thick as three feet, if not more. 

One common realization amongst any other ice auger review is that electric variants are more convenient, easy to travel with, and ideal for environmentally conscious anglers.  

With all of the benefits that they bring to the table, it’s easy to see how they are becoming more popular over the years. 

Although they aren’t perfect, especially in terms of longevity and battery life, the more improvements made to electric ice augers, the better they will become.   Eventually, they’ll be the only ice fishing auger models you’ll see!   

Quick Ice Auger FAQs

What is the best electric ice auger?

Ion 40V Electric Ice Auger

What is the top rated ice auger?

Eskimo HC40

What is the best hand auger?

StrikeMaster Lazer Hand Auger

What are the most important features in an electric ice auger?

Lightweight, long battery life, good cold start, drills a ton of holes on a single charge