Best Propane Auger

The best propane auger is powered by a fuel that is unlike traditional gas in many ways but is also more efficient than electricity.

Know the advantages and disadvantages of propane augers which can help you to prepare for your upcoming fishing trip with ease. 

Read below to find out why you should go with the best propane auger.

best propane auger
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Propane Auger Reviews

Best Propane Powered Ice Auger

Eskimo HC 40 

  • 8 or 10 inch
  • Propane Powered
  • Auto Prime fuel system
  • Holds 1lb propane cylinder
  • 32-34lbs
  • Chipper blades

The Eskimo HC40 Ice Auger is the best propane-powered ice auger.  It offers several features that allow for an easy, yet powerful operation.  

The HC40 engine was built by engineers to use higher octane propane instead of gas. No toxic fumes so you can use this auger in your ice house.  Clean burning and low maintenance. 

With 40ccs and a four cycle engine, this Eskimo Ice Auger packs some serious power and torque.  The higher compression ratio let’s you get more power out of the Eskimo than other ice augers.   This propane auger is powered with 1 lb propane bottles which means you may need to switch them out more often than the Jiffy, but it reduces overall weight of the auger while in use.

When testing we found the engine is pretty lightweight, but nearly as heavy as the Jiffy models below. This line of Eskimo ice augers comes with Quantum blades.  We found the chipper blades to be incredibly sharp and cut through the ice easily. 

Choose from either a 10-inch cutting diameter or an eight-inch one. There are durable foam grip handlebars which are comfortable for operation. You can even buy a handy Eskimo carrying bag to protect your vehicle and your auger from any damage while transporting. 

Even though it’s powerful, the Eskimo HC40 is one of the quieter models we tested. Making a lot of noise won’t help you catch any fish.   Eskimo includes a blade protector made from hard plastic and an adjustable rubber strap to keep the blade protector in place. 

The four-cycle engine also provides for better efficiency, a higher level of durability, limited pollution, and more torque.  You simply attach a one-pound propane bottle, flip the switch to on, and pull the grip recoil. You don’t have to prime the engine or fill a tank. 

The Eskimo HC40 is a great investment for any ice fisher who wants a powerful, propane-powered auger.   One of our favorites. 

Powerful Quantum Blades
Efficient Engine
Autp prime system
Hard start in very cold temps
Plastic body can feel cheap

Jiffy 46-08 Pro4 Propane Auger

  • Propane powered
  • Serrated chipper blades
  • 32-36lbs
  • 49cc, 4 stroke
  • 8 inch bit

Whether you are gearing up for another upcoming ice fishing season or you just want to add to your arsenal of toys, you need a reliable, quality ice auger.  

The Jiffy 46-08 Pro4 8 inch is new and improved over the previous model, the Jiffy 44.  This Jiffy propane auger is a very close 2nd to the Eskimo HC40 in terms of being the best propane ice auger around.  It’s a powerful ice drill which comes with several unique features  to help with better control and higher efficiency.   

During testing we loved the new, wider handles and the serrated chipper blades.  It cut through the ice like butter, making drilling easy and manageable.  Jiffy claims that these proprietary Stealth STX blades outperform the competition by 20%.

With that said, at 32 to 36 lbs, it’s bit on the heavier side compared to all the other models we tested. So, if you’re looking for an ultra-lightweight auger, this probably isn’t the model for you. This line of propane augers also uses 2 lbs propane tanks. You will switch them out less often, but it increases the overall weight of this unit.

Jiffy also includes a plastic blade protector with purchase. The quality build on Jiffy ice augers means that maintenance is virtually nonexistent. 

Other than being heavy, this ice auger can meet your goals of cutting through ice without issue.  It’s marketed as always starting right away, and it mostly does, but not when it’s super cold. Users have commented that it you don’t keep this auger upright, it tends to leak oil.

Get your fuel and get your fish on! 

Powerful engine
New serrated blade system
2 year warranty
Can be difficult to start in colder weather
Heavy given the engine size
Keep this auger upright, it tends to leak oil

Jiffy 46-10 Xtreme Propane Auger

  • Propane powered
  • Chipper blades
  • 32-36lbs
  • 49cc, 4 stroke
  • 10 inch bit

The Jiffy 46X-Treme 10” Ice Auger is the same model as above, only this unit comes with a 10 inch blade for when you’re chasing larger fish around the lake.

It’s also a propane gas powered auger, and as such, is heavy at 32-36lbs. You also get the plastic blade protector with purchase. The quality build on Jiffy ice augers means that maintenance is virtually nonexistent. 

Other than being heavy, this ice auger can meet your goals of cutting through ice without issue.  It’s marketed as always starting right away, and it mostly does, but not when it’s super cold. 

Powerful engine
10 inch blade
New serrated blade system
2 year warranty
Can be difficult to start in colder weather
Heavy given the engine size
Keep this auger upright, it tends to leak oil

Best Propane Auger Buyers Guide

Features of the Best Propane Auger 

When you begin to shop around for the best propane auger, there are a variety of features you should keep an eye out for. Not only will you want to make sure you’re choosing an auger that can drill multiple holes in a single trip, but there are plenty of other features to consider. 

Best Propane Auger Features to Look for
-Automatic Priming
-Easy to change out propane bottles
-Ergonomic handles
-Metal Parts
-High Efficiency
-Durable blades

1. Automatic Priming 

One feature that is currently being implemented in some of the more expensive augers is automatic priming, which makes starting your auger incredibly simple. With auto-priming, all you have to do is flip the power switch to “On” and the auger should start to work on its own. As this is one of the largest disadvantages of a gas auger, it’s fantastic that this feature is included in propane models. 

2. Easy Fuel Installation 

There’s no need for you to spend more than a couple of seconds changing your propane cylinders; otherwise, you might as well deal with gas. Your chosen propane auger should come with a readily available and easily accessible fuel system where you simply screw a new bottle of propane into the device. 

3. Ergonomic Handles 

One of the most common aspects of any auger is that it requires a lot of torque in order to make its way into the ice. With propane, the auger will use a lot of power and as a result, you should be able to keep your hands comfortable while managing the handles. Ergonomic and padded handles help to prevent hand fatigue and injury, not to mention they’re simply more convenient to have at your disposal. 

4. High Efficiency 

Even though refueling a propane auger is easier than gas, you also won’t want to have to replace the tank every five minutes. Ideally, the best propane auger will be equipped with a high-efficiency motor which uses as little fuel as possible to create the perfect amount of power. This helps to make your purchase far more economical, as you’ll have to buy fewer replacement tanks of gas. 

5. Durable Blades 

It’s likely you’ll use your auger for multiple projects ranging from planting trees on your property to ice fishing. With that said, you’ll want to make sure it comes with blades designed for multiple tasks. They should arrive sharp and be easy to sharpen and maintain throughout the season. 

Pros and Cons of Propane Augers: Are Propane Augers Good?

After reviewing the pros and cons of the best propane auger, you should be closer to making your final decision. You can easily see why these models are far more preferable than gas in nearly every way. 

Horsepower/TorqueTemperature Sensitive
Easy MaintenanceFuel Disposal
Easy Starting and Long LastingPortability

The Pros: Best Propane Auger

The vast majority of propane ice auger reviews are positive, which proves that it’s one of the most useful tools to have at your advantage when you head out to your favorite fishing spot. With the ability to make numerous holes with limited effort, this type of powered auger helps to reduce physical strain and is very efficient. 

Some of the most notable positive points brought up in propane ice auger reviews include: 

1. Quieter Operation: Are Propane Augers Loud?

Although a propane auger isn’t as quiet as manual or electric ones, they are quieter than gas, which is ideal for fishermen who want to avoid scaring away fish. If you’re particularly sensitive to sound, you’ll appreciate their low volume as well. This is one of their largest selling features, as you can have far more peaceful fishing experiences. 

2. Cleaner Burning 

It’s true when they say propane burns cleaner than gasoline, which is particularly important for fishermen who use fishing shacks, as you won’t want to fill all of your air with carbon monoxide and other harmful toxins. 

With the best propane ice auger, you have the ability to control the number of emissions that could affect you, but also the environment. This is what helps to make them one of the better alternatives for the eco-conscious. 

3. Convenient Refueling 

One of the largest disadvantages to gas augers is the fact that you have to put a lot of time and effort into refueling, especially in terms of mixing the perfect ratio of oil and gasoline. With propane, you don’t have to worry about mixing fuels or dealing with a fuel stabilizer. Instead, you’ll easily be able to refuel in a matter of minutes so that you can get back to the task at hand. 

4. Simple Maintenance on the Best Propane Auger

Winterizing your auger can be a hassle, especially if you’re the type of person looking for a low-maintenance tool for ice fishing. With propane, there’s no need to winterize the fuel as propane is less volatile when it’s stored away. You’ll also appreciate how cleanly propane burns, as you won’t have to deal with clogged carburetors or spark plugs wearing out because of fuels that are blended together. 

5. Easy to Use 

If you have to refill your auger with gasoline, it’s more likely than not that you’ll spill gas either all over yourself or the floor of your shack. This forces you to constantly inhale the unappealing fumes of gas. With propane, it’s incredibly easy to use as there is no chance that you’ll spill it anywhere. 

If you’re searching for the perfect fuel alternative that doesn’t take away from the performance of your auger and won’t make a mess, this is by far one of the most convenient options. 

6. Fewer Accessories 

Another huge advantage to propane augers is they are far more portable than gas, as you won’t be responsible for carrying around extra cans of fuel to and from your vehicle to your fishing shack. This gives you the ability to bring more belongings with you such as extra clothing and food. People who have to travel far distances to their fishing shack will appreciate being able to pack lighter. 

7. Easy Starting 

As there’s no need for you to have to try to prime the motor and then attempt to start your auger multiple times in a row, as you would with gas, propane augers are easier to get started. They may not be the fastest starting, as electric is the best in this regard, but they are far simpler to start up even in colder weather. This helps you to save time preparing all of your gear so that you can get to fishing. 

8. Impressive Torque 

When you get the chance to use your new propane auger for the first time, you’ll immediately notice the amount of torque it has to offer. Depending on the model you choose, you may even have more torque than higher-end gas augers. Some of the top-tier brands have created augers that can make up to 100 holes in three feet of ice with ease. 

9. Longevity 

As propane burns cleaner than gasoline and you won’t have to worry about bad smoke, there’s a far better chance that your propane auger will last longer than gas. This is especially true when it comes to replacing parts, as many find they only need to replace their spark plug at the end of the season. Cleaner smoke means less maintenance but it also means less of a cost that needs to be invested into ice fishing. 

By taking all of these positive propane ice auger reviews into account, you’ll be able to make the best decision for your next auger. However, there are a few disadvantages to propane as a fuel source. 

The Cons: Propane Auger Reviews 

After reading through propane auger reviews, you’re likely to notice the vast majority are positive. This is because people typically switch from gas to propane and experience numerous benefits. That said, when put up against other types of powered augers, such as electric ones, propane has a few important disadvantages to note. 

1. Requires Warmth 

Propane augers are quite easy to start up, especially when compared to gas, as there are fewer steps to be followed. Unfortunately, the propane will need to remain warm in order to be the most efficient. This can be quite a hassle, especially since ice fishing typically requires you to be outside in negative temperatures, depending on where you live. 

With that said, there are many ice fishing enthusiasts who suggest keeping a backup tank of propane in your vehicle is the perfect way to make sure you always have ready-to-use fuel. In addition, it’s not as if you need to heat the propane, as this is an extremely hazardous idea, but it needs to be kept from extreme cold. 

2. Difficult to Carry 

Having an auger built with attention to detail and heavy-duty materials is essential for the tool’s longevity and ease of use, but it also makes it heavier. Propane augers are known to be one of the heaviest types of augers, which will limit how easy they are to carry. Although you’ll be able to avoid carrying extra tanks of gasoline, the device itself will be heavier than electric augers. 

By far, the most lightweight type of auger is a manual one, but propane auger reviews found they are also far more time consuming and require more effort to use. Otherwise, you should consider investing in a snowmobile to carry all of your equipment to your fishing hole. 

3. Fuel Disposal for the best propane auger

The other two types of powered augers allow you to reuse their source of power. For example, electric models require you to recharge their batteries and gas models require a reusable gas can. 

Propane, on the other hand, requires you to dispose of their fuel containers once they have been consumed. This isn’t a huge inconvenience, but it is an extra step that you’ll have to do every time you replace the propane. 

Depending on where you live, you may be able to dispose of the canisters for free, but in most cases, you’ll have to pay to dump them at your local waste management facility. This is an additional cost to keep in mind at the end of every season. 

There are much fewer disadvantages to using propane as there are positives, which means it could be a great option if you want a clean fuel auger with a high amount of power. It doesn’t necessarily mean, though, that it’s the best option for you, as electric augers are quickly becoming a better option for many. 


By reviewing the top-rated propane augers, you can guarantee they feature some of the best characteristics, especially when compared to gas augers. With the ability to harness immense torque with a highly efficient motor and a clean fuel source, there isn’t much else you could ask for. 


What is the best propane auger?

Eskimo HC 40