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How do you know which is the best two man auger on the market?

Picking the best one for your job may seem hard at first, so we break it down with the top fire 2 person augers on the market.

Read below to get the right one the first time!

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Two Man Auger Quick List

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Best Two Man Auger

Earthquake 2 Person Auger

  • 232 ft-lbs torque
  • Wide handle placement
  • Steel welded cage
  • 5 year warranty
  • No reverse

This 2 man powerhead from Earthquake can really get the job done.  We really like the earthquake powerhead and recommend it as the best post hole digger. We tested this powerhead with a 6 inch auger bit and it crushed holes.

This powerful powerhead motor needs two people to handle it while they drill. Both off you need to have a good grip on it; when it grabs bottom it can kick back pretty good.

Make sure that its completely upright and starting will be no problem. The quality build is obvious and this unit can get through 100’s of holes without any issues.  

During testing we dug through hard clay, gravel and some 1 inch roots.  We are happy to report that it went through everything like a champ.  We recommend it as the best post hole digger for clay soil.

This unit does lack a reverse feature, which would come in handy instead of having to pull it out of the ground when digging deeper holes.

Can buy multiple attachments
Easy to start
No reverse function
Has to be perfectly upright to start

Earthquake 1 or 2 person Auger

  • 5 year warranty
  • 52 cc
  • 10″ auger bit
  • 5 bearing trans
  • Two throttle controls

This Earthquake auger can be used by 1 or 2 people. We love that it has a clutch that slips when it impacts with rocks or roots to reduce kick back on users.

Equipped with two throttle controls allows you to drill in any position you need to get the job done. Ease of use is built in with foam grip handles and anti vibration technology.

The heavy duty construction with a 5 bearing trans with steel gears means this auger is both powerful and sturdy. The auger bit comes with a fish tail pointed bit to make it easier to start holes and ensure they are straight.

While technically not a 2 man auger, toucher soils will require an extra set of hands to drill through.

5 year warranty
10″ drill bit
Steel Construction
Be gentle with any plastic parts

Thunder Bay Two Man Auger

  • 185cc, 4 cycle
  • Works with 12 and 24″ bits
  • Easy to start
  • Gas Powered
  • Less kickback than other augers

The Thunderbay two man auger is a power house with 150cc gas powered engine.

We liked this machine because of how easy it starts and the good amount of torque to get through tougher soils.

We have mixed feelings about this unit since it’s not from a well known brand, we didn’t know what to expect performance wise. Also, the return policy is 30 days, and there is no warranty whatsoever. We do prefer to deal with a company that provides a warranty because that shows they build quality machines that they stand behind.

This two man auger comes with anti vibration foam handle grips to reduce fatigue and that seems to be standard on models of this size.

Anti vibration Foam Handles
Expensive for an unknown brand
No warranty

Southland Two Man Auger

  • 52 cc
  • 333 RPM
  • Gas Powered
  • 8″ bits included
  • 2 cycle

The Southland Two man Auger is available at a reasonable price point so you can buy it instead of renting. The 8 inch bit is perfect for most holes you have to dig.

The tank is see through so you always know how much gasoline you have in your tank. The priming button is easy to access and use and on the same side as the choke. The kill switch is also easily accessed for quick use. The grips are durable and well attached to this auger.

The manual recoil easy start fuel system means your auger starts up easily every time.

The handles are widely spaced to enhance the performance of a two man operation. For tougher soils, you definitely want two people using this thing because its pretty powerful.

Comes with oil to mix with the gasoline so you can get started right away.

Comes with oil to mix with the gasoline
Switches are perfectly placed on the handles
See through gas tank
Packaging could be better
The instructions are tiny and hard to read

DC House

  • 52 cc
  • 2.5HP
  • Gas Powered
  • 6 and 10″ bits included
  • 2 stroke

This 52 cc gas powered 2 man auger from DC House comes equipped with a 2.5HP motor to handle most drilling jobs you throw at it. The Fuel mixture for this 2 stroke is Gas:oil 25:1.

This auger is really good with soft and regular soils but may have some issues with roots. Even though it says you can use this auger with 1 person, we recommend having 2 people when drilling in more difficult soil conditions.

One flaw that was noted is that before drilling, you should Loctite all of the bolts on the machine; the vibration from drilling will loosen the bolts.

Some owners have stated that they needed to return the unit due to a defective idle, so take note of this when you receive yours.

Simple to assemble. Can drill 50-80 holes without issue. The 10″ auger bit is aggressive, especially if you’re giving it alot of throttle. Take it easy if you think this auger might grab; there’s alot of power there and it could kick back.

2 bits included
Drills many holes without issues
2 stroke so might be loud
Not a well known brand
Must check and Loctite the mounting bolts before use

XtremepowerUS Two Man Auger

  • 63cc, 2 stroke
  • 28″ long
  • Many Bit Sizes Available
  • Easy finger throttle and control
  • Fuel Capacity 1.45 gallons
  • 12 inch bit

We dug a ton of holes with the XtremepowerUS Auger.  In 30 mins we were able to drill close to 20 holes that were 3 foot deep. This is one of the best two man augers for rocky soil on the market.

This 2 stroke model has a fuel mixing ratio of 50:1 2 cycle pre-blended fuel and a capacity of 1.45 gallons.  It also comes with a 4 or 6 inch attachment.

Larger sized bits, and ice bits are available here. If your soil is sandy or easy to dig through, you might be able to get away with only having 1 person use it. But it does weigh 40lbs so if it hits something in the ground and kicks back, be ready.

The off switch seems a bit flimsy, be careful not to break it.  If it breaks, just flood the engine until it shuts off.  Get an extension bar if you have deeper holes to drill.

This two man auger also doesn’t come with reverse.  Drilling in 12-16 inch increments is the best solution to keep your auger from getting stuck. If you need extensions to dig deeper holes, you can get them here.

Be careful that the throttle isn’t locked in the on position when starting.  That’s pretty obvious but check it twice.

Powerful and fast
1 person job with easy soil
Throttle lock might be dangerous if you hit something
Shaft pin might not be the best

Two Man Auger Buyers Guide

What Is a Gas Powered Auger? 

A gas auger is an extremely powerful tool which takes advantage of torque in order to dig deep into the ground. Most professional landscapers use a gas auger.  Many of them use 2 person augers because of their power especially if you’re digging into the soil and are unaware of root systems or rocks below the topsoil. A Gas powered auger has far more power behind it than a manual one.   This would be the type of auger to choose for conquering large tasks, like digging a ton of fence post holes.

Features to Look for in the Best Two Man Auger

There are a few things you should look for when buying a two man auger to make sure you’re getting the right tool for your jobs.

Features of the Best Two Man Auger
Enough Torque
Translucent Fuel tank
Can drill in many types of soil
Anti Vibration Handles
Quality Blades
Finger Controls
Durable finish


You want to make sure the two man auger you buy has enough torque to rip through the soils that you will be dealing with. Torque will get you through clays and rougher soils all day long so make sure to grab a powerful auger.


An auger with a warranty shows that the company that built it used quality parts and labor. They stand behind their workmanship. I would buy an auger with a warranty even if it costs me a bit more.

Translucent Fuel Tank 

Consider a gas auger with a translucent fuel tank. This way, you’ll always have a clear idea of when it’s time to refill the tank so that you can continue boring holes into the ground.

Many find a see-through tank is more reliable than a gauge, as there’s no chance of inaccurate readings. 

Can Handle Many Types of Soils

If you’re going to be using your auger in all sorts of types of soils, don’t buy one that’s only good for easy soils. Make sure that the auger you buy has been tested in harder soils, soils with roots, etc.

Anti Vibration Handles

This is more of a convenience than a necessity. Anti-vibration handles make it much more comfortable to operate your auger for a long enough time to get your job finished.

You also won’t experience hand numbness and discomfort. Also, you’ll notice the fatigue in your arms will be much less then when using an auger without anti vibration handles.

Quality Blades

The blades of your auger are important because they give you the ability to dig holes. With badly constructed blades, or blades made of low grade steel, they will break immediately after coming in contact with anything under the surface other than soil.

They are also prone to chipping and cracking the more you use them. Some of the highest-quality blades are made from carbon steel or stainless steel, which makes them tough enough to chew through packed dirt without any damage.

You’ll also find that they’ll last longer when maintained for example wiping them down after use to prevent rust.  

Finger Controls

Most well designed two man augers have easily accessible controls. You’ll want to be able to manage the throttle and kill switch as well as the power buttons without fumbling around.

Having access to all of the buttons and switches to operate your auger at your fingertips is essential. This gives you the ability to easily start the machine as well as to quickly stop it, if necessary.

Durable Finish 

The finish of your gas powered auger will also have a large effect on how new it looks as you begin to use it regularly.  It also has a lot to do with its integrity.

A gas powered auger with a powder-coated finish is better than uncoated and it’s also resistant to rust. You also won’t have to worry about substantial damage from chipping, scratching, or fading. 

How Deep Can a Two Man Auger Dig?

A two man auger can dig as deep as the auger bit is long. Most auger bits are 24 – 36″ long, so that’s how deep your holes will be. But, how deep you can dig depends on the auger you buy, the bits you buy, and if you use an extension. With an extension, augers can sometimes dig up to 42″ deep. If you need to go deeper, a tractor or PTO auger can usually go deeper than this.

Can One Person use a Two Man Auger?

We don’t recommend that 1 person use a two man auger. These machines are built with extra torque and power. They get through rocks and grind through most roots efficiently. But, part of having so much power means if they hit anything in the soil, the auger kicks back. That kick back can be so strong that using a two man auger as 1 person, you could get injured.

If you want a one person auger for your soil, take a look at the best post hole augers in our post.

How Heavy is a Two Man Auger?

A two man auger will weigh more than a 1 man auger. Typically, two person augers weigh anywhere from 45lbs and up. The more powerful the engine means its usually heavier. Also, most two man augers are gas powered, and gas engines are the heaviest of all the augers.

The Pros and Cons of a Two Man Gas Auger

HorsepowerMixing Fuel
Long LastingPortability
Run TimeHarder Start Up

The Pros of a Two Man Gas Auger

There are many reasons why two man gas augers are as popular as they are.  Not only are they more convenient, but they have plenty of advantages over propane, electric and manual augers.

Impressive Horsepower 

When compared to using a manual auger, it’s always easier and faster to rely on horsepower. This is why many people prefer two man gas powered augers.

The horsepower of a gas auger is also what makes it ideal when compared to electric models.  The gas-powered ones pack a more powerful punch because of their torque. 


It’s true when they say older tools were built to last longer than newer ones. Gas augers and their engine design have been around a long time.  The engines are tried and tested and have been perfected over all those years.   

In the newer electric augers, there are more high-tech parts that are likely to need replacing such as battery and electric components.

Two man Gas augers, on the other hand, are simply designed and don’t require as much maintenance.  They are also easy to fix with parts you probably have lying around your workshop. 


In terms of maintenance, you surely won’t have to worry about exposing highly susceptible batteries to extreme weather conditions. Nor will you have to charge batteries in order for your gas auger to work.

If you’re not near a source of power, getting an extra can of gas is simpler than having to recharge your auger. 

The most maintenance you’ll need to concern yourself with is making sure the blades stay in their best possible condition. This may include purchasing a pair of backup blades or sharpening them with a file so that they can easily work through tougher materials. 

You will need to stabilize the fuel during storage.  The carb will need cleaning and so does the spark plug.   


We all know that gas augers are superior in terms of power because they rely on a motor instead of a battery, which leads to their efficiency.  

Overall, as you’ll have more torque at your disposal, making an large number of holes will take far less time with one of these tools than any other powered version. 

However, this is also what makes gas augers more dangerous than electric or manual ones.

The Cons of a Gas Auger 

Known for their power and efficiency, gas augers have mostly been referred to as the best option. Nevertheless, there are a few cons to gas ice augers and gas earth augers.

Fuel Mixing 

If you opt for a two-stroke auger, which used to be the most common, you’re going to need to know the perfect mixture of gas and oil every time you refill your auger.

This can be time-consuming and takes far more effort than electric augers. Especially for beginners, you’ll need to take some time to learn the perfect fuel-to-oil ratio to operate your auger safely. 


Ice fishers typically use a fishing shack to shield them from the elements and to keep you more comfortable when you’re outdoors. When you’re working in your shack, you’re not going to want to fill the entire space with hazardous emissions, like carbon monoxide.

You’re exposing yourself to toxic emissions if you are using your gas auger in an enclosed space. 

Eco-conscious ice fishers may also want to consider an alternative to a gas ice auger, as you’re putting the emissions into the atmosphere as well. With manual or electric models, there are zero emissions. 


There are many heavy parts on a gas auger including the motor and fuel tank.  These add weight to a tool that is naturally hefty. It’s likely you won’t be able to drive up to your favorite fishing spot and you’re not going to want to have to hike with a large auger at your side.   

If you’re pulling a sled, you also want to minimize the weight that you’re pulling.  Gas Augers are not the best choice for people who are looking for a lightweight and portable option. 

You’ll also find that gas augers take far more energy to use, as they create a huge amount of torque that you will need to control.

Having to lift the heavy tool, turn it on, dig a hole, and then place it down again, creates a lot of unnecessary strain. If it was more lightweight, it would be easier to use to your advantage. 

Lengthy Startup 

It’s possible that the first time you crank your auger to get it working, it’s not going to turn on. This could be because of an improper mixture of gas and oil or it could be that it needs to be primed prior to starting it up.

Regardless, this is an extra step you’ll have to do in order to prepare the auger to be used. 

You’re likely to experience the most difficulty starting your gas powered ice auger in cold weather as well. 


With all of the details about two man augers in our reviews above, you can pick the best one for your drilling jobs.


Are two person augers heavier than one person augers?

Yes. This because two person augers have larger more powerful engines that put out more torque than a one person auger so naturally, they are heavier.