Ridgid K3 Toilet Auger Review

Ridgid K3 3 Foot Toilet Auger

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  • 3 feet long
  • Kink resistant cable
  • Vinyl porcelain bowl guard
  • Made in USA
  • Lifetime warranty

A Ridgid toilet auger is a high-quality tool available in 3 and 6 foot lengths.  They are fast, efficient and safe for unclogging your toilet.

The Ridgid K 3 toilet auger has a vinyl guard, which is meant to protect the porcelain in your toilet bowl.

We love the Ridgid 3 ft toilet auger and its ability to power through and remove tough blockages. This model features a kink resistant compression-wrapped inner core cable.

This makes the K-3 super easy to use for any homeowner. Let’s see why it’s one of the most popular choices for a toilet auger.

Rigid Toilet Auger Review 

We will explain in detail what the Ridgid 59787 K-3 Toilet Auger has to offer to help you decide if this particular toilet auger is the best choice for your clog.

Here are some of its main features, pros, and cons.

Lifetime warranty
Bulb head
Vinyl porcelain guard
Steel Cable
Great Price
Only 3 feet long
Shallow clogs only
Hard to use in tight spaces
Need to be precise with cord

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Ridgid Toilet Auger Features

Features of Ridgid K3
-3 foot cable
-Kink resistant cable
-4 lbs
-Vinyl Guard
-Ergonomic Handle
-Corrosion Resistant Tube
-Easy to Use

This toilet auger has a lot to offer, including:

Vinyl Guard

Apparently, the porcelain at the bottom of the toilet near the S-bend can be scratched or damaged if you are using a normal toilet auger.

As such, the manufacturer included a vinyl guard, so you can maintain the appearance of the toilet without damaging it while still being able to remove the clog efficiently.

Clear Tough Blockages

The tool is also strong enough to remove tough blockages and will guarantee that the cable will not be damaged while unclogging the toilet. However, this only applies to tissue, paper, and other soft objects.

This Ridgid toilet auger has a 12.7mm or 0.5 inches toilet auger snake. It is kink resistant and durable, so it will not break easily.

Ergonomically Designed Handles

The handle is made to make sure your arms and wrists won’t hurt while using this toilet auger. Even if you spend a lot of time using the toilet auger, you won’t feel any stress on your arms or wrists.

Corrosion-Resistant Tube

The auger also features a corrosion-resistant tube which would prevent any type of damage to the tube even if the water is acidic.

The water in the toilet is extremely dirty and there are corrosive particles which may damage the toilet auger. With the corrosion-resistant tube, your toilet auger would be protected.

Ease of Use

Compared with other brands, this auger is simple to use. You can use it manually by inserting the toilet auger snake to the toilet.

The plastic rubber elbow before the auger snake would be the limit, so if the clog is further down or it is already in the pipe, you cannot expect the Ridgid 3′ toiler auger to fix the problem.

Just turn the handle and all the clog staying at the S-bend will be removed after pulling the toilet auger.

Reason to Use the Ridgid K-3 Toilet Auger

  • Lightweight
  • Anyone can use it
  • Great price
  • Unclogs most toilets

One of the best features of this toilet auger is its ability to get through the most common clogs.

How does this Manual Toilet Auger Stack up Against an Electric Toilet Auger? 

The Ridgid 59787 K-3 Toilet Auger is manual, so you have to exert some effort to make sure your clogs are removed. It’s also very affordable, so it’s perfect for people who are on a tight budget.

However, if you need something more powerful, you need to use an electric toilet auger.

You need to be careful when purchasing augers.  Drain augers come with longer cables that aren’t as thick because regular drains (1-2 inches) are smaller diameter than toilet pipes (3-4 inches). 

They also aren’t equipped with vinyl porcelain guards that protect your toilet bowl from scratching.  You must proceed with caution when using a drain auger instead of a toilet auger on your toilet.  

The SuperHandy Drain Auger is an all-around auger which can remove the clog on your pipe, kitchen sink, toilet, tub, and shower. It includes a 25 feet flexible snake and has a replaceable shaft.

It is small and lightweight so you won’t have a hard time storing it anywhere. It also has a solid ergonomic handle plus a built-in LED lighting to help you use it during night time.

Basically, the SuperHandy drain auger is a better option because it can be used for almost all types of clogs in your house, but the price is a bit expensive compared with Ridgid 59787 Toilet Auger.

What is the Difference between an Auger and a Snake?

Some folks use the two words to describe the same thing.  But, an auger and a snake are two totally different tools.  An auger is built tackle complicated clogs and comes with a cord or wire that is made of metal, sturdy to handle tough clogs, and long enough to reach around corners and through P traps.  

A snake is usually made of plastic with barbs on it to catch clogs.  It is only a foot or two long.  They are much cheaper than an auger but that’s because they are made to handle only shallow uncomplicated clogs like hair.  They are definitely NOT made to tackle the “crap” you will deal with in your toilet.

Can You Damage a Toilet with an Auger?

Most likely you will not damage your toilet with a toilet auger. However, augers that are not designed for toilets could potentially create damage. This is because toilet augers come with a specially designed plastic cover that keeps the metal snake cable covered while its inside your porcelain toilet bowl. This keeps the metal cable from hitting the inside of the bowl while you’re spinning it around.

Plain old drain augers don’t come with a plastic cable cover. You risk hitting the bowl with the metal cable and scratching the bowl all to hell.

A toilet auger was made for the inside of your toilet and pipes. You cannot damage the inside of pipes by using an auger.

How Do I Know what Size Toilet Auger to Use?

All cables and the bulb heads come in relatively the same size. This is because pipes and toilets are standard sizes. You could however, buy a toilet auger with a cable that is 25 feet or even 50 feet. Most if not all auger for home use are about 25 feet long and that’s enough to tackle most clogs.

Professional plumbing grade augers can be longer, 50 feet and even 100 feet. These are brought out in the case of very difficult jobs or for outside drainage pipes that are usually super long.

How do You Use a 3 foot Auger?

This is best explained in our point How to use a toilet auger. Better yet, if you want to know how do you use a Ridgid K3 toilet auger if you want to watch a video, click here.


The Ridgid toilet auger passed all of our tests with flying colors.  We can easily see why this particular toilet auger is popular.

It’s not as powerful as electric toilet augers, but most homeowners prefer to use it because it’s cheaper and can tackle the most common clogs.


What is the best toilet auger to use on a clog?

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