Ion Ice Auger Review

Ion 40V Ice Auger 

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  • Reverse Function 
  • Electric
  • 22 lbs
  • 8 Inch Model
  • Center Ring
  • 6″ to 10 inch blades

This Ion Ice Auger has four options from which you can choose. Any would be a great addition to an ice fisher who wants convenience and ease of use.

A good ice auger can make all the difference when you go on your ice fishing trips. You want to be able to slice through the ice and get fishing right away. 

You likely also do not want to have to clean up a big mess to get started. 

The Ion electric ice augers in this series offer ease of use as well as several features that make it comfortable to handle and maneuver.  

Ion Electric Ice Auger 

The Ion 40V Electric Ice Auger represents a series which includes four different augers, all with varying diameters, lengths, and weights. It includes the ION 6”, ION 8”, ION X 8”, and Ion X 10”. 

There are four different cutting diameters available, ranging from six to eight inches. The weight starts at just 21 pounds with the Ion 6 and goes up to 25 pounds with the Ion X10. 

The Auger length for the ION 6”, ION 8” and ION X8” is 34 inches while the ION X 10” has a length of 42”.   You can also buy a handy Ion Carry Bag that fits Ion Augers AND most other types of Augers.

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Is the Ion Electric Auger for You?

The Ion Electric Ice Auger is an ideal choice for any ice fisher who is a bit more casual in their endeavors. If you have not quite reached professional status yet, but you still enjoy ice fishing, this would be a great option.  

It is also an excellent option for any ice fisher who does not want to be bothered with a mess, whether it be oil, gas, or excessive ice.

In addition, the augers in this line have features that make it easy to use and handle, such as its lightweight, widely spaced handlebars, and a big trigger. You also do not have to be an expert ice fisher to operate this product.  

What’s Included with Your Ion 40V Electric Auger? 

Along with the Ion Electric Auger, you will also receive one lithium-ion battery and a battery charger. You should not need many accessories to go along with this auger. 

There is no oil or gas used, so you really don’t need to bring much else with you. Everything you need to get started is included with your purchase. 

-Lightweight only 22lbs
-Quiet and smooth
-Reverse Function
-12 inch extension included
-No centering pin, so jumps around until it grabs hold of ice
-Safety and on/off switch on same handle
-Replacement parts can be expensive

Ion Ice Auger Features

You can feel confident when using an auger from this series. Each one is lightweight and easy to manage, which means you don’t have to worry much about losing control.

During testing we found the cutting was quite smooth given the blade positions along with the centering ring.   We did miss an actual centering pin though and found the ring might let the blade skip around until it grabs the ice.

There is also not much mess with this product, both due to how it is powered and of various features aimed at helping with cleanup. 

Given that this Ion 40V Electric Auger is powered by electricity, you no longer have to worry about mixing oil and gas. That also means you don’t have to worry too much about messy spills.

You don’t have to bring oil or gas with you, which is awesome!

This product is also free of exhaust, so you never have to worry about inhaling any fumes. The reverse feature on this auger eliminates any need for you to use an ice skimmer, so that also helps to reduce mess.

Reverse function just flushes ice right down the hole. 

Ion 40V Features

Features of Ion 40V
-Includes 1 battery and charger
-Weighs 22 lbs
-Length 34 to 42 inches
-Reverse Function
-Cuts up to 66 holes at 2 feet per hole on a single charge

How Many Holes will this Auger Drill?

You will get up to 66 holes through two feet of ice with a single charge, so it’s quite powerful while being long-lasting. A single charge should give you plenty of time out on the ice chasing fish.   

If you’re headed out for a multi day trip, grab yourself an extra battery.

There is also a reverse function which provides a way for you to clean up the drill hole parts. This means you get a cleaner cut every time. That leads to a more successful and cleaner fishing trip. 

It also means that you can drill deeper than you likely have in the past.

The standard length with this auger is 34 inches, but you can extend an additional 12 inches if needed so that you can really dig pretty deep.

We got a ton of holes out of this Ion Electric Auger during testing.

Ion Ice Auger 40V Vs the StrikeMaster Lazer

You ultimately need to know what kind of auger you are most comfortable using. For those who like electric, this Ion 40V Electric Auger test comparison will be helpful. 

However, many ice fishers enjoy a good hand auger. If that is the case, there are plenty of options available. 

Our top pick for a hand auger is the Strike Master Lazer Hand Ice Fishing Auger. Despite the need to operate it with just the power of your hands, it is still quite powerful and will get through the ice in under one minute. 

It’s ergonomically designed for easy use, and very lightweight at just seven pounds. 

You also shouldn’t have to deal with any ice sticking to the blades, as it has a layer of powder-coated paint which helps the ice slide right off.   

We tested and reviews the top 10 ice augers on the market so you can get fishing fast this season.


If you ice fish, you know how important it is to have a reliable auger on hand. With this Ion Ice Auger, you really cannot go wrong. 

It’s lightweight, easy to maneuver, and will get you deep and clean cuts, leading to successful fishing trips.


Does Ion make more electric ice auger than this one?

Yes, Ion specializes in electric ice auger and you can see their most recent models HERE.