Eskimo Hand Auger HD06 Review

Eskimo HD06 Hand Auger

  • 6 to 8 inch cutting diameter
  • 49 to 58 inches long
  • 1 Year Warranty
  • Weighs 7 lbs
  • Use with cordless drill

Ice fishing is one of the best things to try if you love fishing. Compared to traditional fishing, it is more unusual as you will catch the fish through an opening in the frozen body of water. The tools that you need are pretty much the same when you are fishing, but you need an Eskimo hand auger to open a hole in the ice.  They are some of the most popular and best ice augers made today.

Most of you are probably wondering why you need to use a manual hand auger and not an auger with an engine to make it easier. For larger fish, invest in the Eskimo 8 inch hand auger and for smaller fish like walleye and perch, the 6 inch blade should do. 

There are tons of hand ice augers in the market right now, so let’s check out some of the basic features of Eskimo HD06 Hand Auger to see whether or not it is worth considering. 

Easy to Use
1 year warranty
Easy blade replacement
Adjustable height
Good Grip
Must buy cordless drill adapter

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Eskimo Hand Auger 

The Eskimo HD06 Hand Auger is available in 6,7, or 8 inch diameters which are very popular in the market right now. It has razor-sharp steel blades that can cut through the ice smoothly without causing any cracks. As a popular hand auger with a decent price, it is one of the best options if you are planning to try ice fishing. 

What’s awesome about this model is, if you buy the adapter, you can use this with your cordless drill. You can get a powered auger for way cheaper. Great for those on a budget, since most folks already have a cordless drill at home. Also, you should grab the Eskimo Blade Protector to keep your blades from getting dinged, dented, and to protect your hands while transporting your auger.

Features of the Eskimo Hand Auger HD06

The Eskimo HD06 Hand Auger has plenty to offer.

Features of Eskimo HD06
-Blade Protector
-Height Adjustment
-Hand Auger Pommel Design
-Easy to Use
-1 Year Warranty
-Easy Blade Replacement
-Parts Easy to Find

Blade Protector 

Eskimo 8″ hand auger blades are known for their sharpness, so a blade protector is required to make sure you will be protected when you are not using it. The blades are incredibly sharp; they are dangerous when uncovered. You just need to put the blade protector before you store the hand auger blades. 

The blade protector is also used to protect the sharpness of the hand auger blade. If you keep the blade exposed when not in use or in storage, it might get dull over time. 

Height Adjustment 

The auger can be adjusted to three different heights for you to make it longer or shorter, depending on the thickness of the ice. This feature will also prevent you from hunching over when you are using the hand auger. The handle, though, should always be at chest height if you want to use your full strength when cutting. 

You have to remember that even if the blades are extremely sharp, you will still need to use sufficient strength to cut through. If the hand auger is too high or too low, you will have a hard time cutting through the ice. You can also get an Eskimo hand auger extension if you want to lengthen the tool. 

Hand Auger Pommel Design 

The hand auger pommel design provides a better grip on the tool so that you can cut through ice easily. The handle has a grip that will not put too much pressure on your hand while using it and your hand won’t slip easily. 


The Eskimo HD06 Hand Auger only weighs seven pounds, so it is straightforward to use. Although it is not too heavy, the sharp blades will make up for it. The weight will also allow you to carry it anywhere you want, especially if you have to go through long treks. 

Ease of Use 

This hand auger is not too complicated so you can assemble and dissemble easily if you want to go to a different spot to fish. The blades can also be replaced easily if you plan to upgrade them or if you’re going to change the blades because of their dullness.  As mentioned before, you can use your cordless drill and add power to this manual ice auger.


The Eskimo HD06 Hand Auger has sharp and sturdy steel blades that can help you create six- to eight-inch holes on thin or thick ice, depending on the length used. Since the height can be adjusted, it is perfect for short and tall individuals. Also, if you need more height, you can always get an extension. 

It comes with a blade protector to protect you from being hurt by the sharp blades and to protect the blades from becoming dull. You can also use it with an Eskimo hand auger drill adapter. It comes with a one-year warranty, so if there are any factory defects, you can send it back for replacement. 

Comparison with Another Hand Auger 

Before deciding if the Eskimo HD06 Hand Auger is a great choice, it is better if you have more options. The Strike Master Ice Augers Lazer Hand Auger is another popular hand auger which you can use for ice fishing. It is more expensive, but it provides a few features that you can’t find from the Eskimo hand auger. 

The blades are made from chrome-alloy stainless steel. Compared with the Eskimo model, it is definitely better since stainless steel has a higher resistance to rust. It has also been powder coated to help limit the build-up of ice when using it. 

The Strike Master Ice Augers Lazer Hand Auger also comes with rubber grips and ergonomically designed handle system to make sure you can hold it properly when drilling. It can also be adjusted from 48 inches to 57 inches. 


The Eskimo HD06 Hand Auger is your ultimate tool when you are ice fishing. It may not have the advanced features that a power drill or earth auger can provide, but it is the perfect choice when it comes to ice fishing.  

The only thing is that you will have to use it manually since it doesn’t have any engine to help you drill through ice easily. 

This is the perfect hand auger for those who are looking for an affordable alternative and people who love to go through long treks when ice fishing


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