Nils Ice Auger Review

Nils Ice Auger Master UR800C

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  • 8 inch bit
  • 9 pounds
  • Sharp blades
  • Can use with handle of cordless drill
  • Comes with handle and blade protector

When the cold weather has frozen your favorite lake, it might be time to go ice fishing. However, you will need a reliable ice auger in order to cut through the thick ice layers standing between you and the fish. 

A good auger will allow you to get through the ice with ease and will be easy to operate. There are many different kinds of augers available. Some run using batteries, while others are powered by gas and propane. 

Still, others can be powered manually. One of those manually powered options is the Nils Master UR800C, which has some versatility. Let’s find out how good it is with the help of our detailed Nils Ice Auger review. 

Nils Ice Auger Review 

Where are Nils Augers Made?

Nils is marketed as one of the top fishing equipment manufacturers, most notably because of their location in Finland. Their augers are known for having the best reputation when it comes to power and ease of operation. This Nils ice auger does not disappoint either.

In addition, this model is particularly durable, and the Nils ice auger blades are incredibly sharp.  

The Nils Master UR800C is one of the best drill powered ice augers on the market.

Super sharp
Easy to use with drill
Chase fish faster
Save your energy by using the drill
Parts can be expensive
Costly to replace or sharpen the cutter head

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Who Should Buy a Nils Ice Auger?

This product is ideal for any ice fisher who wants to use a cordless drill. Likewise, if you are someone who would rather operate a handheld auger than one that is powered by gas or propane, this is likely a great option for you.

You won’t create any mess with the Nils Master which is quite different from needing to use oil or gas as your power source. 

What’s Included? 

Along with the auger, you will receive a handle to use with it. You would use this handle if you don’t intend on using the auger with a drill. 

If you do want to use your Nils Ice Auger with a drill, you will need to supply the drill. For this auger to be as useful as intended, you want to make sure you use a quality drill which has a pretty powerful battery. 

The auger itself is quite powerful but it needs the drill behind it also to have some power to it. You will also want the Nils ice auger adapter if you want to use it with a drill.  

Finally, this Nils master ice auger is very light. It weighs just nine pounds, making it ideal for anyone who either doesn’t have the stamina to handle a heavier auger or want to carry something that is of heavier weight. 

Nils Master UR800C Features

Features of Nils Ice Auger
-Can attach to a drill or just use the handle
-Sharp blades
-Easy to use
-Cuts 8 inch holes

Overview of Features 

Can Use with a Cordless Drill

Versatility is the name of the game with this auger. You can use this auger by either attaching it to a cordless drill or with a hand handle. It does come with a handle if you choose to use it without a drill. The blade head can also be detached but the auger works with the blade head whether it is used with a drill or manually. 

It is quite sharp and will cut through thick ice pretty easily. This drill is known for being able to drive through two feet of ice without much issue. If using it as a hand auger, you really only need to apply a small amount of pressure to get it going. When it is hooked up to a drill, it is quite powerful and fast. 

The holes it cuts are eight inches in diameter, so you can use this when fishing for small, medium, and large sized fish.


This auger is incredibly lightweight, weighing just nine pounds. If you don’t want to carry a lot of heavy gear with you or you don’t feel like you have the ability to operate a heavier auger, this could be a great option. You can maneuver it with ease but its low weight doesn’t stop it from being a great auger.

Even though it is light, you will get great power no matter what power source you use, and you’ll find that you can cut through even the thickest ice with ease. Nils is known for its durable products and this model will not disappoint.  

How Do You Use a Nils Auger

Check out this bonus info and watch the Auger in action with an 18V cordless drill.

Compared to Another Hand Auger

From our Nils Ice Auger review, there really are not many drawbacks to this auger aside from the fact that it can be costly for replacement blades.

If you want to stick with a handheld ice auger, another option would be the Eskimo HD06 Hand Auger, which has a six-inch blade. The handle and pommel knob allow for straightforward drilling. 

A blade protector is included so that you can extend the life and condition of the blade. This whole drill is also made from stainless steel, so it is built to last. 

If you are looking for another lightweight option, the Strikemaster Ice Fishing Mora Hand Auger weighs just six pounds. You can get decent power from it, despite it being a purely manual ice auger. 

You are not likely to find a reliable or decent ice auger which weighs any less. Again, this auger is ideal for catching small and sometimes medium fish but would not be useful for catching larger fish. 

Nils Ice Auger Parts

Parts for any Nils auger you decide to purchase can be found on their website here. You can also check in at your local sporting goods stores that sell Nils augers, Nils auger replacement blades can also be found at these distributors.


If you prefer to use a handheld auger or one that can be used with a drill, this Nils ice auger 8 inch may be the best option for you. This is particularly true given that this auger allows for the versatility of both options.  


Is the Nils ice auger attachment the best on the market?

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