Ice Auger Drill Adapters

If you have an ice auger that is powered by a drill, then you will need the best ice auger drill adapters.

With an ice auger drill attachment, you can match up your drill to your ice auger without issue.

Read on to find out about the 5 best ice auger drill adapters you can use this up coming ice fishing season and which one you should buy.

Ice auger drill adapters
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Ice Auger Drill Adapters Quick Chart

Take a look at our top 3 ice auger drill adapter reviews below to pick out your ice auger attachment for this season.  Works perfect with the best hand augers on the market.

Drill Attachment Quick List

Ice Auger Drill Attachment Reviews

What is the best ice auger drill adapter for you this season?  Should you get a conversion kit instead?  Is an ice auger drill conversion kit worth it? Buying a hand auger and then using an ice auger drill adapter may be the best option for your budget.

Read below to find out which one is the top purchase for this Winter.

Editors Choice: Top Ice Auger Drill Adapters

Clam Drill Conversion Kit

  • Durable, well constructed
  • Easy to assemble
  • Attach a drill to any auger!

This drill auger conversion kit rocks our world.  It’s not cheap, but, with ice fishing, you get what you pay for.  Investing once in a quality hand auger drill adapter will save you time and money in the long run.

Forget about drilling holes by hand, hook up the Clam Drill Conversion Kit to your hand auger (and your power drill) and you’ve got a powered auger for a fraction of the cost of a gas, propane or electric auger.  No emissions, smell, and you can easily use it in your ice shanty without any worries about harmful emissions.

The Clam Drill Conversion Kit is a universal adapter that fits most ice augers on the market.  We found that we could get out on the ice, attach this unit, and get drilling in about 10 mins.  This is a fantastic of this drill adapter, because it means no fooling around when you should be ice fishing.

The one thing we really didn’t like about it was that the metal parts are not stainless, so they could corrode over time.  Make sure you treat the metal with some gear or snake oil to keep it protected from the elements at all times. Dry off your adapter after each use too.

The handles are ergonomic and spaced out perfectly to reduce vibration and effort when drilling.  If you’re into chasing fish without the huge elbow grease required when using  a manual auger, then grab yourself a Clam Drill Conversion Kit today.

Universal for any auger
10 mins or less set up
Lightweight for long trips across the ice
Bolts need to be checked for tightness
Not stainless

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Runner Up: Best Ice Auger Drill Adapters

MorMysh Ice Auger Drill Adapter with Handle

  • Zinc Plated carbon steel
  • Budget Friendly
  • Fits chucks 0.5″ or larger
  • Fits most augers

We love that the MorMysh Ice Auger Drill Adapter fits most ice augers and converts your hand auger into a power auger.  

Make note that this hand auger drill adapter can’t be used on augers that have a threaded connection.   Double check your auger before buying this unit so you’re not disappointed. This adapter will fit the majority of augers including Eskimo, Expert Pro, Arctic, Spiralen, Easy Ice, Viking, Micro, Mora and Lazer. Not compatible with all other diameters or bolted joints.

What we love about this drill auger attachment is how it has several different connection sizes built in, so almost all ice augers on the market can use this adapter without issue.  

The 0.23 inch and 0.31 inch holes allow for a mostly universal application of this bit.

Fits drill chucks of 1/2 inch or greater.

The handle is great, it doesn’t spin with the auger, and provides added stability and prevents wobble.  The zinc plated carbon steel resists rust.  We were super pleased with that and think you will be too!

Technical Details:

  • Overall size: 7.8″x 9.5″
  • Output shaft diameter: 0.720″
  • Fits drill chucks: 0.5″ or larger
  • Materials: Carbon steel/rubber
  • Weigh: 17oz
Fits most popular auger brands
Rubber coated handle
Not compatible with bolted joints or threaded connections

Brocraft Ice Auger Drill Adapter

  • 304 stainless steel
  • Fits most brands of augers
  • 1/2 chuck
  • Disk is 9.5″

This disk and adapter from Brocraft protect your auger from falling down your ice holes while drilling. The adapter is made with 304 stainless steel with CNC processing for extra durability.

It fits most popular auger brands on the market. The chuck on this adapter is 1/2 inch.

The disk itself is 9.5 inches, so if you’re drilling with a greater auger diameter than that, look for another adapter.

Unfortunately, there isn’t any indication of what kind of material the disk is made out of.

Users report that this brand has more wobble than most and that might be because there is too much play due to discrepancies in the size of the adapter from unit to unit. You can try reducing your drilling speed to see if that helps with the wobbling. Otherwise, check out the Vendetta adapter safety disk below.

Fits most popular auger brands
Alot of wobble When using
Too much play when used, may snap the pin

Budget Friendly Ice Auger Drill Adapters

Vendetta Precision Ice Auger Adapter

  • Super Budget Friendly
  • Fits chucks 0.5″ or larger
  • Use with Lazer/Mora/Eskimo
  • 2.5″ long
  • 1/4″ hole

The most budget friendly of our ice auger drill adapter recommendations, is the Vendetta Adapter. This drill adapter is made in the USA and is better quality than some of the Chinese made items.

Keep it simple with this very fast and easy to install ice auger drill adapter that is built solid making it great for tons of ice time.  I mean, what else can we say, it’s a pretty basic adapter that fits any budget.  

The overall length of this adapter is 2.5 inches with a body diameter of 0.720 inches. You’ll find that it fits drill chucks of 1/2″ or larger. Drilling at a fast speed with this adapter will cause a wobble effect. Slow down your drill speed until the wobble disappears and your performance will be improved.

Definitely don’t use this adapter with a hand auger for post holes: it just doesn’t have the power to get you through soil.  When ice fishing, always make sure that your blades are sharp and that you’ve got the adapter on tight: test it out before you take it into deep water to make sure it’s solid.

The one thing we didn’t like about the Vendetta Adapter is the fact that the shank might be too short and therefore you need to be very careful to make sure your auger doesn’t come off and disappear beneath the ice. They did make the shank a bit longer in 2019 with a redesign, but best to be careful until you are sure.

Solid Construction
Great for heavy use on the ice
Fast and easy to install
Not recommended for using with a post auger
Shank might be too short
Double check measurements to ensure fit

Vendetta Precision Ice Auger Drill Adapter

  • Same as Above, but includes disk
  • Fits chucks 0.5″ or larger
  • 9″ safety disk
  • 2.5″ long
  • 1/4″ hole

This version of the Vendetta Adapter comes with both the adapter and the 9 inch safety disk to prevent your auger from falling down the ice holes while drilling. This drill adapter is made in the USA and is better quality than some of the Chinese made items.

The overall length of this adapter is 2.5 inches with a body diameter of 0.720 inches. You’ll find that it fits drill chucks of 1/2″ or larger.

Watch out for the retaining pin, which can catch your fingers while drilling.

Definitely don’t use this adapter with a hand auger for post holes: it just doesn’t have the power to get you through soil.  When ice fishing, always make sure that your blades are sharp and that you’ve got the adapter on tight: test it out before you take it into deep water to make sure it’s solid.

Solid Construction
Great for heavy use on the ice
Fast and easy to install
Not recommended for using with a post auger
Shank might be too short
Retaining pin can catch fingers while drilling holes

Ice Auger Drill Adapter Buyers Guide

Can I Use an Auger Bit with a Power Drill?

Yes, you can use an auger bit with a power drill. This is perfect for drilling holes for ice fishing. Soil is too hard to drill through with a large auger powered by a drill, so don’t do that. You can use a power drill with a garden auger for bulbs, saplings, starters, etc., because the holes you’re drilling are around 2 inches in diameter.

What is an Auger Adapter?

An auger adapter is a separate tool that you buy. You use it to attach an 18V or greater power drill to your manual/hand ice auger. This turns your manual ice auger into a powered ice auger. Its a great way to save on the weight of a fully powered auger and it can save you some cash as well. Hand augers aren’t as expensive as powered augers, they require 0 fuel, and almost 0 maintenance. Great for beginners and experts alike.

Drill Batteries and Hand Ice Augers

Make sure your drill batteries are charged before hitting the ice and bring a car charger for them, if you need to switch it out. 2 batteries are better than 1. Keep your batteries as warm as possible while not in use; the cold drains the charge. I keep mine in the pocket on the inside of my jacket, so my body heat keeps them warm. The second way you can do this is, you can use those hand/foot warmers that last for 8-12 hours and put them in an insulated bag with the batteries.

Features to Look for in the Best Ice Auger Drill Adapter

Drill Auger Attachment Features
-Fits your auger
-Corrosion resistant
-Durable construction
-EPA and CARB certified

Ice Auger Drill Adapter Dimensions: Fits Your Auger

Double check the dimensions of an adapter with the manufacturer of your hand auger.  Nothing worse than getting all ready for a trip out on the ice to find out your new adapter doesn’t fit your hand auger and you’ll be out there in the cold, again, hand cranking your auger all day long.  Get it right the first time and have an amazing fishing trip.

Corrosion Resistant

Your auger + water = corrosion.  You have to protect your gear from all of the water that causes corrosion and rust.  The best way to do this is to buy rust resistant gear or stainless steel.  You can also cover your adapter in a thin layer of grease to keep the water, ice and corrosion away.

Durable Construction

You don’t want to take an ice auger drill adapter out on the ice, only to have it fail on you after a couple of holes.  It would ruin your trip and waste your cash.  Make sure you find something that is made of solid metal and that is at least corrosion resistant.  Stainless steel construction is ideal, but seems to be a bit hard to find. 

Will Any Drill Work for an Ice Auger?

No. You need to make sure that your drill is at least 18V. The greater the voltage on your drill, he more power you’ll have when drilling. Usually a brand name drill with a good reputation is better, like a Milwaukee or a DeWalt drill. You can use others if that’s what you’ve got. Torque requirements recommended are at least 700 in/lbs to get the auger through the ice.

Do You need a Hammer Drill for an Ice Auger?

No way.  You can just use a regular power drill.  That’s because you aren’t needing to hammer anything when drilling holes in the ice.  You can use either a hammer drill or a regular old power drill with your hand ice auger.  Having a hammer drill at home is great though, so if you don’t have a power drill at home right now, make sure you grab a hammer drill.  You’ll probably need it around the house at some point.

How Hard is it to Use a Hand Ice auger?

Hand Ice Augers are human powered instead of gas powered.  You will need to use your strength and energy to drill fishing holes.  In all types of ice, this can be tiring, especially thicker ice.  Using a hand ice auger isn’t hard, but does require more energy than a gas, electric, or propane powered auger.

Using a Hand Ice Auger: Quick List Pros/Cons

No Fuel to Worry About
Great for travelling long distances on your sled
Super easy to use
Cheaper than Fuel Augers

Manual labor
Harder to Chase Fish
Can be tiring to use
Thick ice might be challenging

The Big Advantages of Manual Ice Augers

  • Super light and portable
  • Quiet so doesn’t scare fish away
  • Budget and Newbie friendly


When compared to electric ice augers, it’s easy to see how manual ones are far more portable.  There’s no need to worry about big batteries going dead or a gas tank, and the devices are designed with a simple shaft and handle.  

They can easily be strapped onto your gear or carried without the worry of strain, making them the better alternative for portaging or hiking to your favorite fishing spot. 

Quiet Operation 

You will have full control over a manual auger, including how quickly it drills into the ice, which is essential for people who prefer to go to specific depths without the risk of compromising the integrity of the ice.  

Also, manual augers are substantially quieter, so you can create holes and catch unassuming fish. It is the most preferable option for stealthy anglers. 


The main thing that affects the cost of any manual auger is the fact that you use elbow grease to drill holes and not a motor.  

You won’t find any motors or additional features that take on most of the workload, and as you’ll be using your power.  This means that they cost much less than electric ice augers.  Less moving parts means saving cash on maintenance.  You’ll also spend less time maintaining a manual auger, freeing up your time for other things.

They are the perfect option for cost-savvy fishers who need a tool designed to last over the years without any extra high-tech parts which may need repairs or replacements. 

How do You Attach a Drill to an Ice Auger?

Check out this video for how to attach a drill to an ice auger using a very basic ice auger drill adapter.


Ice auger drill adapters can be used to attach a power drill to your hand auger.  This saves you money on buying a powered auger and makes it easier and more lightweight to carry around.  Grab yourself one of the best drill auger attachments today so you can chase all the fish you want this up coming ice fishing season!


What is the best ice auger drill attachment on the market?

Clam Drill Conversion Kit