How to Choose an Auger Rental

How to choose an auger rental is simple with our easy check lists below.

When you’re looking to rent an auger, either for post holes, ice fishing, or cleaning out your drains, there are things you should look for.  

how to choose an auger rental
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How to Choose an Auger Rental: Post Hole Diggers 

Since a rental is only for a short period of time, you want to get the most work done.  Save your cash by renting an auger for the least amount of time by choosing the one that works the best for your DIY. 

There are a few things to look for to get the best post hole digger for your job. 

Soil Type 

You need to know if you are going to be drilling through clay, rocky soil, or easy peasy top soil like conditions. 

How Deep do You Need to Drill 

If you have to drill down 3 feet, you need to make sure you get an auger with a long enough drill bit or even an extension.  Then you can reach down to the depth you need. 

One person Versus Two Person Augers 

Don’t grab a powerful two person auger if you’re going to only have one person to drill holes.  Two person augers are meant to be used by two people, and they are geared for heavy duty work.  Usually 1 person can’t handle a two person auger if it hits tough soil conditions or rocks and kicks back. 

Fuel for Your Auger 

Are you able to mix gas and oil for your gas powered auger rental?  Do you have the right oil to mix according to the instructions?  What about mini propane tanks if it’s powered with propane?  If you choose an electric auger you will need to make sure the battery is charged and ready to go.  Maybe even take a break in the middle of your job to charge it up if you don’t have a spare battery.  Take these things into consideration when choosing an auger rental. 

Blade Sharpness 

Sharp blade mean less effort to drill holes.  Make sure you check the sharpness of the augers blades before you pay for your rental. 

How to Choose an Auger Rental: Drain Augers 

The best drain auger will tackle even the toughest clogs.  Make sure you get the right one for your DIY with our handy tips below.

Length of Cable 

Most drain augers come standard with 25 feet of cable.  This is usually enough for your standard clogs.  But, if you need more than 25 feet, or require an auger for professional use, 25 feet just won’t do it.  Check how long the cable is on your auger rental and pick the one that works for your drain DIY. 

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Auto Feed Versus Manual Feed 

Some drain augers you have to manually feed down your pipes, which requires more effort.  The more expensive versions are auto feed.  This means that they feed the cable down your pipe for you.  This can save you some elbow grease, eliminating some of the work.

Size of the Pipes You Need to Auger 

Some drain auger cables are made to be used in larger pipes and come with larger bulb heads to trap grease, grime and gunk.  A cable that is too small for your pipes will just flail around inside the pipes and not trap all the stuff on the sides of the pipe properly, leaving a future clog to happen. 

Cables that are too big can’t be rotated properly and could damage your pipes and not fit past corners to get your clog.  Choose a cable that works for the diameter of your pipes. 

Battery Versus Corded Versus Manual Augers 

Some augers are battery operated making them super portable.  Others are plugged into the wall, which limits their reach.  Others are manual which means you’ll be doing all the cranking of the cable by hand but they are also portable. 

Think about how much effort you want to use to clean out all your pipes and choose the auger rental that is best for you. 

How to Choose an Auger Rental: Ice Fishing Augers 

Fuel Type 

You can choose between 3 types of fuel: gas, electric, or propane. If you don’t want to mix perfect gas/oil ratios or deal with fumes, then you should choose electric or propane.  Electric also has its own cons, since batteries can drain fast in cold weather.  You may need 2 and a place to plug in a charger.  

But, they are perfect for using inside your ice shanty since there are no fumes.  Propane is reliable and fast, but you have to carry around those propane fuel canisters.  If you don’t bring enough, you could run out of fuel.

Blade Sharpness 

Dull blades will make your ice fishing trip suck.  You’ll have trouble drilling through the ice and chasing fish.  Make sure you check the blades to ensure they have been sharpened before you rent your auger. 

Manual Versus Automatic 

Do you want to use elbow grease to drill through the ice or are you more interested in using a gas, electric or propane powered auger?  One is definitely easier to use than the other.  Some Manual ice augers can be powered with an electric drill.  Look for one of those to make your drilling less tiring.  Make sure you have the proper drill attachment before renting your manual auger. 

Blade Diameter 

If you’re catching larger fish, you’re going to need a decent sized blade, maybe 8 to 10 inches.  With smaller blades, you’re stuck catching smaller fish, since big fish can’t fit through smaller holes. 


How to choose an auger rental is easy as pie once you know the most important things to look for to make sure you get the top auger for the job.