jiffy Vs Eskimo Propane Augers

jiffy vs Eskimo Propane augers is a long standing debate.

We highlight the pros and cons below so that you can decide which auger would be the best for you.

jiffy vs eskimo propane augers
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jiffy Vs Eskimo Propane Augers : Which is Best?

These two augers are actually made by the same company.  Below let’s look at the advantages and disadvantages of both and compare them so you don’t have to.

Based on our Jiffy Pro 4 Auger testing, the biggest drawback we can find with this model is its weight. When you start getting into the larger auger bits, it outweighs the Eskimo HC40 by about 2lbs.

It’s only 2lbs, but over the course of a fishing day or weekend trip, that 2lbs can add up and cause more fatigue that if you fished with a lighter auger Like the Eskimo Propane HC40.  

jiffy Vs Eskimo Propane Augers : Comparison Chart

Take a look at our handy chart below, in which we outline the 2 augers side by side, for your convenience.

Eskimo HC40JIffy 46-Xtreme
40cc 4 Stroke 49cc 4 Stroke
Quantum BladesSerrated Cutting Edge
Foam GripsWide Stance Comfort Grip Handles
Sealed Ball Bearing TransmissionHeat Treated Steel Gears
5 year Warranty2 year warranty

Reasons to Use a Propane Ice Auger 

There are many reasons folks choose a propane auger over the other powered augers available, but here are OUR main reasons for picking propane:

  • Lots of Torque and Power
  • Durable Parts
  • Fuel is Cheap
  • Less Fumes than Gas Powered Models
  • No Batteries to worry about charging or dying while drilling

jiffy Vs Eskimo Propane Augers Reviews

Eskimo HC 40 

  • 8 or 10 inch
  • Propane Powered
  • Auto Prime fuel system
  • Holds 1lb propane cylinder
  • 32-34lbs
  • Chipper blades

The Eskimo HC40 Ice Auger is the best propane-powered ice auger.  It offers several features that allow for an easy, yet powerful operation.  

With its 40 cc engine, the Eskimo HC40 packs some serious power and torque.  The higher compression ratio let’s you get more power out of the Eskimo than other ice augers.   

Powered with 1 lb propane bottles which means you may need to switch them out more often than the Jiffy, but it reduces overall weight of the auger while in use. The jiffy Pro 4 uses 2lb bottles, increasing its overall operating weight.

When testing we found the engine is pretty lightweight, but nearly as heavy as the Jiffy Pro 4. The Eskimo HC40 comes with Quantum blades.  We found the chipper style blades to be incredibly sharp and cut through the ice easily. 

The HC40 has a limited diameter of auger bit: they only come in 8 or 10 inch, while the jiffy Pro 4 comes in 6, 8, 9, and 10 inch., giving you a few more options depending on what you fish for.

There are durable foam grip handlebars which are comfortable for operation. You can even buy a handy Eskimo carrying bag to protect your vehicle and your auger from any damage while transporting. 

All propane augers are known for being noisy and that includes both the Eskimo and the jiffy Pro 4. Even though it’s powerful, the Eskimo HC40 is one of the quieter propane models we tested. Making a lot of noise won’t help you catch any fish, especially at shallower depths.   

Eskimo includes a blade protector made from hard plastic and an adjustable rubber strap to keep the blade protector in place. 

The Eskimo HC40 engine is also efficient, durable, and has a ton of torque.  You simply attach a one-pound propane bottle, flip the switch to on, and pull the grip recoil. The auto primer feature makes it super easy to get started.

Like all other propane augers, including the jiffy, there can be some difficulty getting the auger started in very cold weather. You also need to be careful that your propane fuel tanks don’t freeze over by keeping them covered and warm.

You’ll need to grab any parts from Eskimo by clicking this link.

Powerful Quantum Blades
Efficient 40cc Engine
Auto prime system
Hard start in very cold temps
Plastic body can feel cheap

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Jiffy 46-08 Pro4 Propane Auger

  • Propane powered
  • Serrated chipper blades
  • 32-36lbs
  • 49cc, 4 stroke
  • 8 inch bit
  • Available in 6, 8, 9, 10 Inch Models

The Jiffy 46-08 Pro4 8 inch is a very close 2nd to the Eskimo HC40 in terms of being the best propane ice auger around.  It’s a powerful ice drill which comes with several unique features  to help with better control and higher efficiency.   

During testing we loved the new, wider handles and the serrated chipper blades.  It cut through the ice like butter, making drilling easy and manageable.  Jiffy claims that these proprietary Stealth STX blades outperform the competition by 20%.

With that said, at 32 to 36 lbs, it’s bit on the heavier side compared to the Eskimo HC40, especially when you go up in size with bigger auger bits.  So, if you’re looking for an ultra-lightweight auger, a propane auger probably isn’t the type of ice fishing auger you want.

This propane auger also uses 2lb propane tanks. You will switch them out less often, but it increases the overall operating weight of this unit.

Just like the Eskimo HC40, Jiffy also includes a plastic blade protector with purchase. The quality build on Jiffy ice augers means that maintenance is virtually nonexistent. 

Other than being heavy, this ice auger can meet your goals of cutting through ice without issue.  

Powerful 49cc engine
New serrated blade system
2 year warranty
Can be difficult to start in colder weather
Heavy given the engine size
Keep this auger upright, it tends to leak oil


jiffy Vs Eskimo Propane Augers are compared and the pros and cons outlined above. Now we hope that you can choose the best one for your ice fishing adventures this season.


Is a propane powered ice auger the best type of auger?

Take a look at our detailed Pros and cons of propane augers to make your decision about the best type of auger for you.