Strikemaster Chipper Lite

Strikemaster Chipper Lite Power Ice Auger

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  • Gas Powered
  • 2 stroke 32cc 1.5HP
  • 8″Steel chipper blade
  • 40:1 trans
  • Heat treated steel gears
  • 24 lbs

Looking for an auger worth buying? Check out the StrikeMaster Chipper Lite Power Auger or the StrikeMaster Chipper Mag. With one of these in your arsenal, punching through several feet of ice will be no problem at all. 

Whether it’s for fun or for food, ice fishing is not an easy task. It requires a fair bit of body strength, practice, and skill. Above all of these is a collection of the right tools such as a good ice auger. 

2 year warranty
Lightweights: 24 lbs
Sharp Blade Tip
Long handles for easy use
Louder than expected
Doesn’t always start on first pull

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StrikeMaster Chipper Lite Power Auger 

Founded in the 1940s, StrikeMaster now has more than 70 years of experience under their belt. As one of the best ice auger manufacturers in the world, StrikeMaster boasts a widespread distribution in various hard water states. Their products are of the highest standards, and they continue to provide new and innovative gear. 

Besides augers, StrikeMaster’s product line also includes auger accessories, auger blades and guards, power drill units, and various other ice fishing gear. You’d even find ice augers either in power or manual operation type. 

In this comprehensive StrikeMaster Chipper Lite Auger review, we would help you decide if this is indeed worth adding to your arsenal of ice fishing gear. 

Features of the StrikeMaster Chipper Lite Auger

For power and ease of use, all you need is the StrikeMaster Chipper Lite Power Auger. Let’s take a look at its key features to learn why it’s the best ice auger for you. 

StrikeMaster Chipper Lite Features

Features of StrikeMaster Chipper Lite
-40cc engine
-Quantum Blade
-Foam Handlebar Grips
-Sealed Ball Bearing Transmission
-Weighs 32-34 lbs
-42 inch Length
-5 year Warranty


When you have to drill through something as hard as solid ice, you need to be sure that your tools can handle the job. With this device and its sturdy build, you can rest assured that it can deal with several feet of ice easily. It has high-quality steel chipper blades that drill true and fast, thereby saving you a lot of time and fuel. 

Moreover, the chipper blades are perfect for when you’re dealing with dirty and uneven ice. The StrikeMaster chipper blade also has a super sharp tip to prevent the auger from jerking around too much while you drill the hole. The auger has a drill size of 8.25 inches, which is relatively significant and can help you get those larger fish such as lake trout or pike. 

Additionally, the auger features an American-made 40:1 transmission with steel gears treated with heat. This ensures a smooth and long life for your auger. Despite all this, the StrikeMaster only weighs 24 pounds. 


The StrikeMaster Chipper Lite Power Auger is considered one of the best power augers out there. It has an excellent performance along with many other convenient features. The auger has a 32cc engine with 1.5 horsepower, producing enough force for you to drill through thick layers of ice comfortably and quickly. 

It has a two-stroke engine, which is enough power to drill deep holes and reopen old holes. The engine can become a little loud while drilling, which can be unpleasant at times. 

Besides that, the StrikeMaster Chipper Lite is not only powerful but also quite reliable. It has an American-made transmission with the gears inside made of steel and is heat-treated. This ensures that you won’t face any breakdowns or damage during long drilling sessions. With a lightweight and simple operation, the auger is efficient and easy to use. 


Since ice fishing is already a demanding sport, you need to have proper tools with convenient features to make your task easier. Thankfully, the StrikeMaster Chipper Lite is precisely one of those tools. Measuring 43 x 18 x 12 inches, the auger is at a comfortable height not just for piercing through thick ice but also for handling. 

Furthermore, the StrikeMaster Power Auger has impact-resistant, Vandar long filament handles to further aid handling and use. Often, the auger needs to be carried for long distances, and therefore, needs to be lightweight as well.  

The polymer gear casting also provides power and ease. StrikeMaster also offers a two-year warranty on its power auger Solo engine in case of any faulty components. 

Strikemaster Chipper Lite Manual

Get the manual for your Chipper Lite here.


Even though there are many kinds of augers in the market, such as manual and electric ones, among gas augers, the StrikeMaster Chipper Lite is our favorite. This power auger offers a good bargain with its powerful engine, brilliant performance, and user-friendly features. It’s perfect for ice fishing enthusiasts or even for people who are merely trying to survive the cold weather. 

If you fall into any of these categories, hopefully, you would have found this StrikeMaster Chipper Lite Auger review helpful. 

Strikemaster Chipper Lite Ice Auger Comparison 

For a better idea, you can see how the StrikeMaster Power Auger compares with a similarly popular auger such as the Eskimo Quantum 43cc Power Ice Fishing Auger. Like the StrikeMaster, this Eskimo auger also has excellent performance. It runs on a 43cc and 8000 RPM engine, which is powerful enough to penetrate thick layers of ice. 

Moreover, this device has foam-grip handlebars, a fingertip throttle control system, a primer button for quick starts, a see-through gas tank, and a muffler guard as well. The Eskimo auger also has dual quantum blades that you can replace anytime. 

While all this does provide an effective auger and some convenient features, the Eskimo is not all that user-friendly. It has a smaller length than the StrikeMaster, which might make it challenging to use for some people. More importantly, the Eskimo is a lot heavier at 35 pounds, thereby quite hard to carry for long distances or use for long periods. 


While the Eskimo Quantum Auger has a much more powerful engine, it does fall short in some areas. Especially when you’re buying an ice auger, you need to consider a range of factors and not focus on just one. With that said, the StrikeMaster Chipper Lite Auger took the trophy for us today. It offers a complete package in terms of performance and features. 


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