Types of Plungers

Did you know that there are different types of plungers that are for different clogs? 

Keep on reading to find out which type of plunger is the best to use for which clogs. 

Types of Plungers
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Types of Plungers – Which is the Best to Use for a Clog? 

The 3 main types of plungers are: 

  • Sink Plunger 
  • Flange Plunger/Toilet Plunger 
  • Accordion Plunger 

Let’s go through the 3 different types of plungers and where they work best to help you with your clogs. 

Types of Toilet Plungers Quick Chart 

SinkSink Drains

Sink Plunger 

You guessed it, sink plungers are used to unclog sinks.  They are made of rubber, with a plastic or wooden handle. The rubber part forms a seal against the drain, creating suction to move the clog along. But, the rubber part is usually quite small and works well for flat drain surfaces.

They work OK on toilets but because of the way they are shaped, they really don’t create enough suction around the bowl in your toilet to do a good job.  The best toilet plunger is always ready for the job. 

Flange Plunger/Toilet Plunger 

Flange or toilet plunger is shaped differently than a sink plunger.

A flange/toilet plunger also has a rubber end on it, but the rubber is shaped differently. It’s longer, so that is can form a proper seal on your toilet bowl.

This gives it the ability to form a good amount of suction pressure on the rim of the bowl.

Having a ton of suction is KEY to successfully removing clogs from your toilet the first time.

Accordion Plunger 

An accordion plunger looks totally different from a flange or sink plunger.

It’s made of a hard plastic. Instead of using suction to remove clogs, it uses a hard blast of air.

This happens because once you attach the plunger, it fills with air. You then push down on the accordion plunger fast, to send that blast of air down the pipe.

That blast will banish your clog to the underworld, never to be seen again.


Now that you know which types of plungers are best for which jobs, you can buy exactly what you need, without wasting your time.  Save some cash and get the right tool for the job the first time.