How to Turn Off Outside Water for Winter

If you live in a climate where the outdoor pipes might freeze, how to turn off outside water for winter is a crucial things to know. 

Keep your outside pipes in tip top shape with our how-to information below! 

How to turn off outside water for winter

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How to Turn Off Outside Water for Winter 

How do you keep outside water pipes from freezing?  The simplest and fastest way is to turn off outside water for the winter.   

Should outside faucets be left open in winter?  If you live in an area that reaches freezing or below freezing, you should turn off your outdoor water supply.  Do you have to shut off water to your hose in the winter?  I mean, you don’t have to, but if you want to keep your outdoor faucets from freezing and bursting, it’s the best preventative thing you can do each winter. 

Even if you’re reading this and remember that you forgot to turn off outside water to your faucets, you can still turn the water off after reading this how to article. 

How to Turn Off Outside Water for Winter: Steps 

So, how do I turn off my outside tap valve? How to turn off water to outside spigots or faucets is easy! Follow our simple steps below to get it done.

  1. Remove the hose and any attachments from the faucets.   
  2. Find your water shut off valve, they are usually in the basement or crawlspace.  Each faucet may have its own water shut off valve.  When you find it, close the valve off by turning the handle to the right and making sure its closed tightly. 
  3. Turn on each faucet and run them until no more water comes out.  Once fully drained you can move on to step 4. 
  4. Do some preventative care and wrap your faucets in pipe covering or pipe tape to keep the snow, cold and frost from coming into contact with the faucet. 
  5. Enjoy you’re work! 

Where is the Water Shut Off Valve for Outside Faucet

The valves are usually located in your basement or crawl space. In older homes, they may be located in the ceiling. Sometimes, plumbing and building codes don’t require a shit off valve for the outside faucets.

Do all Outdoor Faucets Have Shut Off Valves?

No! If you don’t have shut off valves for your outdoor faucets, you will have to remove and drain your hoses and then cover your faucet with plumbing tape, pipe insulation, or buy a cover specially made for faucets.


How to turn off outside water for winter is a simple task that every home owner and renter should know if you live in a colder climate.