Southland Post Hole Digger Review

Southland Post Hole Digger (Discontinued)

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  • 8″ bit, 43cc
  • Fuel Tank: .32 gallons
  • Easy start fuel system
  • 30″ depth
  • This is the powerhead ONLY

There are different types of post hole diggers; some of them are manual while others are gas-powered. Gas-powered post hole diggers are more efficient. If you are in the market for a high-quality post hole digger, then great news for we will be reviewing the Southland Post Hole Digger in this article.

About Southland Post Hole Digger  

Gone those days where you had to dig holes by hand as our ancestors did. Today, we have the right kind of tools developed to get these things done faster. One such tool is the post hole digger. Selecting the right post hole digger is important as that will determine how much effort you will need to expend as well as the scale of this project.     

Southland belongs to a company called METL that comes with over a century of management experience in the outdoor power equipment industry. This company is known to design and engineer high-quality outdoor power equipment that is powered with gasoline for the North American retail market.    

Some of the exciting lineups that METL offers are the Walk-Behind Edgers, Garden Tillers, Field Trimmers, and Blowers. This company’s products are known for their impeccable quality and durability.   

Fuel Efficient
2 year warranty
Can be used by 1 person
Can handle some roots
Strong and durable build
Assembly required
Take time to get started and running
Not so hot in the rocks when tested

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Southland Post Hole Digger Features   

The Southland SEA438 One Man Earth Auger is a brilliantly constructed tool that has heavy-duty metal cast components and is also quite easy to use. This is a durable and dependable post hole digger that is priced competitively.   

The Southland One Man Earth Auger is an amazing tool, and some of its top features include:   

Top Features of Southland Post Hole Digger

Southland Post Hole Digger Features
-Heavy Duty Construction
-Eight inch bit
-2 year warranty
-EPA and CARB certified
-Manual recoil easy start
-Ergonomic butterfly handles


The Southland Post Hole Digger comes with a MAT Engine Technologies manufactured 43cc 2-stroke engine, which is an absolute breeze to start, and it also runs with perfection. This engine is CARB-certified and comes with a massive 40.6-ounce gas tank. It is important to note that you need to mix the oil and gas at a 1:50 ratio to give it a longer working time before fueling in again.  

Since the gas tank is translucent, you can keep an eye on the gas tank level while you are working. Starting this tool is as simple as you can expect. There is a choke lever as well for cold starting. Its speed of 316 RPM is highly impressive and works faster than several other gas-powered post hole diggers.   


The Southland Post Hole Digger comes with large butterfly-styled handles that are 26 inches wide. This makes it ideal for a single or two-person operation. Furthermore, they also come with thick foam grips, which cut down on the vibration. The throttle is placed pretty conveniently at the handle for safe and easy operation. There are also coil spring shock absorbers that work quite well and is quite comfortable to use.   


This post hole digger comes with an eight-inch auger, which digs to a depth of up to 2.5 feet. There is also an optional six-inch auger that you can choose to buy. The auger head’s weight and the engine comes up to 22 pounds, and the eight-inch weighs roughly about 13 pounds. All this weight is fairly manageable for a single person. That said, the six-inch auger is indeed lighter, so if the weight is an issue for you, then you can always consider using this.   


If assembling a tool is not your cup of tea, then you will be disappointed to learn that this tool requires assembly when you unbox it. That said, it is quite easy to put it all together. We found that the post hole digger’s instruction manual to be quite easy to understand and helpful. This tool comes with a small bottle of 2-stroke oil, which is more than sufficient to get you going with the first tank of gas.   

Southland Post Hole Digger: Our Recommendation  

The Southland Post Hole Digger is an excellent one-person auger that comes with a MAT Engine Technologies manufactured 43cc, 2-stroke, full crankshaft engine. It works in a highly efficient and effective manner. It is also quite timely as you will be able to make dozens of holes easily in a few hours.   

Our basic impression of the Southland Post Hole Digger is that it is a high-quality tool and is easy to use too. All of its spare parts are easily available on its website or online shipping sites. Additionally, this post hole digger comes with an impressive two-year warranty, which gives a decent length of time to ensure that your product is defective after buying it.   

It comes with an eight-inch auger that can comfortably dig up to 2.5 feet deep. While it does require assembly, you can refer to the user manual for clear instructions. Lastly, this post hole digger comes with a two-year warranty.   

Southland Earth Auger Parts

For Southland Post hole digger parts, check out this illustrated parts book here.

Southland Earth Auger Manual

If you need a copy of the manual, check it out on

Comparison with Another Auger

We compared the Southland Post Hole Digger to the Tool Tuff Hand-Held Post Hole Digger. When it comes to their similarities, we have to admit that there are quite a few of them. Both of these post hole diggers are gas-powered with a 2-stroke 43cc engine, both weigh about the same and are capable of digging at almost the same depth.   

But what sets the Southland Post Hole Digger from its counterpart is that its overall built is much sturdier and durable. Even performance-wise, it works far better, easier, and smoother. For these reasons, we recommend you opt for the Southland Post Hole Digger.   


The Southland Post Hole Digger is undoubtedly one of the best post hole diggers on the market and it is affordable. It has a strong and durable built that ensures it will last a long time. Furthermore, it is extremely easy to use, as well. We can say this with certainty that you will love this tool.  


Can I rent a post hole digger instead of buying one, I’m on a budget.

Yes, you can rent post hole diggers usually from your local hardware store.