Can You Use an Auger to Plant Trees?

Can you use an auger to plant trees? If you have some trees, small or large, that need to be planted, you will have to dig holes.   

Read on to learn if an auger is the right tool for you. 

can you use an auger to plant trees
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Can You Use an Auger to Plant Trees? 

Using an auger for planting trees is something a lot of property owners wonder about.  Yes, you can you a post hole digger to plant trees!  In fact, if you are planting trees that are bigger, like 1 or 2 gallon pots, using an auger to plant trees is the fastest and easiest way to get it done without having to use too much energy!   Using the Best Tree Planting Auger will help you drill holes to plant trees.

Tree Planting Auger Rental 

You can rent augers from your local Home depot if you just need to dig a few holes.  Planting a lot of trees means you really should look at buying a tree auger so that you can use it at your convenience.  You can even use your auger for drilling holes for fence posts, other plants, foundations for decks, etc.   Click the Home Depot link above to go straight to the auger rentals.

How Big of a Hole Should I Dig for a Tree? 

That depends on the size of the root ball that is attached to the tree.  You should drill a hole that is at least 2 times the diameter of the root ball on your tree.  The hole for your tree should be just deep enough that an inch or two of the root ball sticks out of the top of the hole you dug when you place the tree in the hole.  Don’t forget to fertilize your newly planted tree and give it a ton of water so it gets established quickly. 

Pro Tip for Planting Trees 

Make sure the rough up the sides of the hole you drill so that the roots of your tree can penetrate the sides and spread out.  If you don’t, the roots will have difficulty pushing through the side of your hole and may grow in a circle in the hole: just like they would if your tree was in a pot.  This will result in your tree becoming unhealthy and possible dying. 

Using an Auger to Plant Trees: Drilling Holes to Plant Trees

We go into full detail on using an auger to plant trees in our How to Use an Auger to Plant Trees Post. 


We hope that you now understand that you can use an auger to plant trees this year and beautify your yard!