Longrun Garden Auger Drill Bit Review

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  • Heavy Duty Manganese Steel
  • Good for 3/8″ cordless drill
  • Good for all types of gardening
  • 15 inch drill bit

If you’re really into gardening, you will love what the Longrun Drill Planter can do for you. You’ll love how sturdy the drill bit fits with your cordless drill.

Planting all of your bulbs and seedlings can be done quickly and efficiently, with less strain on your body.

This drill bit should be used with an 18V cordless drill to make sure it has enough power to drill into the soil. This garden drill bit is 15 inches long and approximately 2 inches wide, perfect for those bulbs, seedlings, your veggie garden and more.

Longrun Garden Drill Pros and Cons

Easy to Use and assemble
15 inch drill bit is shorter than other garden augers on the market
Drill bit is only 1.7 inches in diameter
Only comes with 1 drill bit

Features of the Longrun Garden Drill Planter

The Longrun Garden Planter will get you the best garden in the neighborhood. Check out its’ best features below and why we recommend this unit.

Features of Longrun Drill Planter
Great for a ton of different applications
Many different sized garden augers are available
Drill Bit is designed for moving soil

Different Applications

We love that you can use this drill bit for bulbs, seedlings, trees, bushes, shrubs and your veggie garden. Also use it anywhere you need to drill a hole like for your patio or beach umbrella.

Many Sizes of Drill Bits Available

If you need a larger bit, the Longrun Garden brand has several available. You can expand your yard with all of the options they offer. Grab one that suits your custom garden needs.

Drill Bit Design

The drill bit on the Longrun Garden Drill Planter is designed to help move the soil you are digging up and out of the hole. This makes your drilling easier and faster, because you don’t have to bend down as much to remove soil by hand.


Get planting your garden as soon as possible with the Longrun Garden Drill Planter and have the garden of your dreams in no time flat!