What Can I use Instead of a Toilet Snake?

So, what can I use instead of a toilet snake?

There are many option to choose from if you don’t have a toilet auger.  Be warned: none of them are as effective as an auger.  You WILL have a clogged toilet again because these methods are not a long term solution to your problem.

what can i use instead of a toilet snake
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What Can I Use Instead of a Toilet Snake Quick List

While the list of things you COULD try to unclog your toilet is endless, we decided to de-bunk a number of myths about unclogging your toilet with everything but the best toilet auger. What home remedy Can I use to unblock a toilet? Here are 6 things you could try to use to unclog your toilet, with varying degrees of success.

  • Hanger
  • Boiling Water
  • Baking Soda
  • Plunger
  • Drano
  • Drain Auger


Desperate times call for desperate measures with a DIY homemade toilet snake out of a hanger.  If you don’t have a toilet auger, are low on cash, or just have a disgusting mess you NEED gone, you could try a hanger.

You unwind the metal hanger until you have a semi straight piece of metal.  Make sure you have some gloves and work clothes on, just in case anything splashes up from the toilet.  Shove the hanger down the toilet bowl and work it around and around.  Careful not to hit the sides of your nice porcelain bowl; the hanger will 100% scratch the crap out of it.

Hopefully, you get out whatever was temporarily clogging your toilet.  This only works for super shallow and simple clogs.  If there is anything further down your pipes, your toilet WILL clog again.  Take this time to buy yourself a toilet auger.

Boiling Water

If you’ve got an organic clog that is super shallow this might work.  We caution against using boiling water or anything that causes a chemical reaction in your toilet.  Why? Because both of those things might actually break your porcelain bowl!  A small problem just became a huge expensive one.

Baking Soda

Baking soda is not the cure all for your toilet clogs. Most folks advise to combine baking soda with vinegar and hot water to create a reaction, leaving it to bubble for 10-30 mins in your toilet bowl.  Most likely, the hot water is what’s unclogging your toilet, not the baking soda/vinegar combo.  Plus, if the baking soda and vinegar reaction creates heat, you run the risk of damaging your toilet.


This used to always be my got to.  Then, one day, someone flushed a pencil deep enough into the pipes that the plunger was no good.  Poopy mess 100%.  The toilet needed to be augured and then the pencil came right out.  You see, the pencil ended up wedged inside the pipe.  Plungers work great for simple organic matter like TP or poop but not so great for random objects.  


Drano causes a chemical reaction in your porcelain bowl and should not be used in anything except PVC pipes. Its effectiveness at clearing out clogs long term is questionable at best.  Keep our oceans and rivers clean too by not dumping random chemicals down your toilet.  Grab an auger instead.

Drain Auger: Can You Use a Regular Auger on a Toilet?

The answer is, if you NEED that toilet unclog then go for it.  Warning though that toilet augers come with cables and bulb heads built for wide pipes like your toilet.  Also, toilet auger have protective coverings on their cables to keep your toilet bowl from getting scratched.  Drain auger do not.  

You WILL scratch your toilet bowl all up if you aren’t super careful if you use a drain auger.  Also, since the bulb head on a drain auger is smaller that a toilet auger, you might not get the whole clog out the first time, only to have it come back with a vengeance.


What can I use instead of a toilet auger possibilities are endless.  The better question to ask is, what is the most effective thing to remove toilet clogs?  And that my friends, is a toilet auger.