K Drill Electric Ice Auger Review

K Drill 7.5 Inch

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  • 6.65 lbs
  • 38 inches long
  • Use with Cordless Drill
  • Needs 725 pounds of torque
  • 7.5 inch diameter

​The K Drill 7.5 Inch Ice Auger is a perfect choice when it comes to ice fishing. It is one of the best options if you want to start drilling holes for fishing purposes. 

What are the things that you are looking for when it comes to ice augers? For most ice fishing enthusiasts, you need to look for a drill which can last longer and drill more holes.

You have to change location from time to time and you cannot simply stay in a single hole when fishing, so you have to make sure that your ice auger is capable of drilling multiple holes.

​K Drill Pros and Cons Quick List

Easy to Use
Made in USA
You need a drill to work this auger
Needs 725 lbs of torque

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What Drill is Recommended for the K-Dril

We recommend at least at 18V cordless drill for cutting through ice with the K-Drill. The best brands for this are Milwaukee and DeWalt. Make sure that you have more than one fully charged battery on hand so you can chase fish as much as you want without worrying about a dead battery. Keeping your batteries warm when you’re out in the cold will ensure that the batteries keep their charge.

Are K Drills Worth it?

K Drills are totally worth it, especially for folks that can’t or won’t drag around a heavier power auger. It also eliminates the need for oil, gas, or emissions. K Drills are also pretty inexpensive compared to powered augers. Since most folks have a cordless drill lying around their home, you are saving a couple hundred dollars compared to a powered auger. It could mean the difference between ice fishing and no ice fishing.

Features of the K Drill 8 Inch Ice Auger

The K Drill 7.5 inch electric ice auger is unique because it only comes with the blade itself. It means you need to have a drill to use it because it doesn’t have an engine for drilling.  This auger bit has a lot to offer including:

Features of K Drill 7.5 inch
-Easy drive connection
-Lightweight Aluminum Shaft
-Cast aluminum Drive Head
-Anti Chatter Design
-Plastic Flighting
-Foam Floater
-Chipper blades
-Safety Cover

Easy Drive Connection 

The K Drill Ice Auger comes with an easy drive connection which would allow you to attach any rechargeable drill with a 1/2-inch chuck. ​ The performance will be based on the drill you use to slice through the ice. With that said, the manufacturer states that the auger is designed for handheld, high-powered drills equipped with a brushless motor. 

Lightweight Aluminum Shaft and Cast Aluminum Drive Head 

This ice auger comes with a lightweight aluminum shaft and cast aluminum drive. It will hold the offset chipper blades to make sure it will be on the right angle while you are drilling. 

Most people are actually concerned about the durability of the shaft and drive head, but it is actually very sturdy. As long as you are only using it for ice drilling, the shaft and drive head won’t be damaged.

Anti-Chatter Design 

With the anti-chatter design, reopening old holes is way easier and takes less time.  Ice fishers usually reopen a hole if they manage to catch a lot of fish there. 

If you opened a hole yesterday and caught a lot of fish, you can go back on that particular spot and re-open it. The anti-chatter design of the K Drill Ice Auger 7.5 inch model can help you save more time. 

Lightweight Plastic Flighting 

The lightweight flighting has a smooth plastic surface and will prevent the water from freezing to the surface. It’s so smooth, you won’t see any ice buildup on the flighting. Although it’s lightweight and made of plastic, the flighting is durable and won’t bend or chip easily, even if you’re constantly using your drill.

Foam Floater 

This is one of the most important features of the K-Drill Ice Auger because it will allow the blade to float if it separates from the drive chuck suddenly. Although the drill is lightweight, it will not float without the foam floater, so this is an important part of the drill. If you are going to look for an ice drill shaft, always make sure it has a foam floater. 

Chipper Blades 

The chipper blades come with a center tip that would control the speed of the cut. The cutting blades are also interchangeable and are easy to remove for re-sharpening. 

Safety Cover 

The product includes a safety cover that would keep the blade sharp and protect it from damage when stored. It will also serve as a protection for you from possible injuries.

The K-Drill Ice Auger needs a cordless drill to operate, so you cannot use it as is. If you don’t have a drill, you need to buy one. However, it’s still one of the best because it’s lightweight and can cut through the ice easily. You can pretty much carry it everywhere and you won’t even notice that you are carrying something. 

The blades are sharp and they don’t dull easily. The anti-chatter feature is also great if you are planning to reopen old ice holes to catch fish.  

K-Drill Compared with Another Ice Auger 

One of the primary concerns of new users is you cannot use the K-Drill Ice Auger without a cordless drill. It means that if you don’t have one, you need to buy a drill. This will make the product costly. If you are looking for a more affordable option, the SuperHandy Electric Auger is a good choice. 

The SuperHandy Electric Auger is a complete ice auger along with an engine. It means that once you buy it, you won’t need any attachments or add-ins to fully use its functions and features, unlike the K-Drill Ice Auger. 

It comes with a Brushless Motor and a 3-Planetary gear system to make the digging more efficient. It only weighs around 22 Lbs. so it is not too heavy if you have to carry it around to dig holes. 

The SuperHandy Electric Auger is also eco-friendly and safe to use because it doesn’t use gasoline. It is battery powered, so it won’t produce smog when you are using itand it also produces less noise. This particular model is the best choice if you are trying to save money. 


You don’t have to spend a lot of time looking for an ice auger because the K Drill 7.5 Inch Ice Auger will provide the features that you are looking for. It is very durable, easy to use, and it can drill through ice within seconds. 


How do you attach a drill to an auger?

Check out our post about drill bit auger attachments for the step by step process.