Do Propane Ice Augers Freeze Up?

You might be considering buying a propane ice auger.  But, do propane ice augers freeze up in cold weather?  If they did, why would so many people love using them to ice fish? It’s a legitimate question to ask, before spending $100s of dollars on an auger.  

Read on to learn if propane ice augers freeze up during cold weather.

Do propane ice augers freeze up
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What is the Freezing Point of Propane?

According to Foster Fuels, propane gas will freeze at -44 F (-42 Celcius).  You would have to be outside in some pretty vicious cold weather to have your propane ice auger freeze up.  Even the best propane ice auger can fall victim to extreme cold.

Do Propane Ice Augers Freeze Up?

If you dare to be outside in -44 F then it is possible that your auger could freeze up because the propane freezes in its’ tank, leaving you without vapour pressure to send the propane through the lines to your auger. 

You wouldn’t be able to use your auger until the tank defrosts.  And if it’s that cold, it’s pretty darn unlikely that you’d be outside. At least, most sane people…ice fishers, now that’s another story!  For most ice fishers, you won’t even come close to having to worry about your propane tank freezing on ya.

Will Propane Lines Freeze on my Auger?

When the temp dips low enough, propane will freeze in both the lines and the tank.

Tips to Keep Your Propane Auger Working in Cold Weather

Don’t insulate or wrap anything around your propane tanks.  Your propane is freezing from the inside.  The best thing you can do is make sure to bring multiple tanks on your trip.  

If one starts to freeze, switch it for a new one until the frozen one starts to warm up by letting the cold escape through the outside of the tank and placing it in the sun or a warmer area away from wind and snow if possible.  

If you have to travel a distance to get to your ice fishing spot, make sure to keep your tanks insulated from the cold during your travels.


The answer to the question do propane ice augers freeze up is…they COULD, if you’re in cold enough conditions.  Remember to bring extra tanks and to check the temperature for your trip before heading out.