StrikeMaster Lazer Hand Auger

best manual ice auger
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  • Adjusts from 48 to 57 inches
  • Coated to reduce ice build up
  • Stainless Blades
  • Ergonomic Handle
  • 6 inch bit

It’s not often that you hear people saying that a hand auger cuts through ice like a hot knife through butter!  But when they do, you should listen.

When we tested the StrikeMaster Lazer Hand Auger we were impressed.  What impressed us most was how easy it was for anyone to use it, how sharp the blades are, and the stainless steel construction.

If you’re going to use a hand auger, then this is THE one you want to use.  When drilling holes, it cut through the ice almost twice as fast as other comparable hand augers. 

The blades on this Strikemaster Hand Auger are made of twin chrome alloy stainless steel which cut ice with precision. This unit is easy to convert to use with a drill for even faster and easier drilling.

How Fast Does the StrikeMaster Drill?

We timed it and we could drill through approximately 10″ of ice in 10 seconds….14-17 inches in just under 30.

The handle adjusts from 48 inches to 57 inches, giving you good reach if you’re tall and when drilling through deep ice.  The handles are also ergonomic and made of rubber for good grip.

The StrikeMaster Lazer Hand Auger is easy to carry around and weighs about 8 lbs.

This auger comes in 4, 5, 6 and 8 inch models. If you’re after larger fish, we recommend you go for the 8″ model.  The 6″ will do for perch and walleye. It tends to catch at the end of the hole but it’s nothing that would steer us away from using this hand ice auger again.

Pair this with a drill and you save a ton over electric, propane and gas augers. One of our top 5 choices for best drill powered ice auger on the market.

-Easy to use
-Sharp Blades
-Comes in 4, 5, 6, and 8 inch too
-Slices through ice fast
-Make sure to get the version with Mora Blades, they are the best
-Catches at the end of holes

Strikemaster Lazer Hand Auger Replacement Blades

You can find replacement blades online for your Lazer Hand Auger HERE.

These Lazer Ice Auger blades come in a pack of 3 and in 6,7 and 8 inch lengths. They are made in Sweden, so you know you are getting top quality ice fishing blade replacements for your Lazer Hand Auger.


We think you’ll love the StrikeMaster Lazer auger for ice fishing just as much as we do. Take a look at our other manual ice auger reviews by clicking the button below!