Frequent Toilet Clogs Solved

Getting rid of frequent toilet clogs for good means you’ll have to get a bit dirty. Frequent clogs in toilets or drains require some work to destroy them permanently.  

We discuss the reasons for those frequent toilet clogs and how to to fix a toilet that keeps clogging up below.

frequent toilet clogs
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Frequent Toilet Clogs: Why Does it Happen?

Why does the toilet clog every time I flush? There are a few reasons. One reason is that the pipes in your toilet aren’t perfectly straight.  They have bends in them called elbows all throughout your plumbing.  They also have a P trap, which is an almost 90 degree bend.  This is required under most building codes.  

P traps hold water in them which keeps gross sewer gases from coming up into your house.  P traps are an important part of your plumbing.

You may even have a foreign object in your pipes that was flushed accidentally. 

You could also be using WAY too much toilet paper, or, very THICK toilet paper which will temporarily clog up your toilet.  

Toilet Clogs Every Time I Poop! (Too Much Information!)

To be honest, it might even be that your poops are just too big!  I’m not a doctor so get a hold of them to discuss if that’s a bigger health issue for you!

We discuss below how all the things above can cause frequent toilet clogs.

Pipe Bends, Elbows, and P Traps: Frequent Toilet Clogs

These bends and elbows in your pipes mean that the inside of your pipes are not smooth.  There are edges and areas where gunk can collect.  This gunk, TP, and other nasty stuff collected in these areas builds up over time and forms a nasty sludge.  

As the sludge gets bigger and bigger, it blocks water, TP and yes, poop, from going down your pipes. This causes clogs.  Unless you manually remove the gunk from these areas, frequent toilet clogs will happen.  

Some toilets come with S traps, and they do the same job as a P trap, gunk and sludge will collect in that area.

Flushed Objects and Frequent Toilet Clogs

Sometimes things get flushed that shouldn’t.  Maybe something fell in by accident or the kids thought it was funny to flush their toys.  

I once had frequent clogs and couldn’t figure it out I cleaned out the pipes with my toilet auger and BAM, someone had flushed a pencil!

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Once that pencil was removed, the toilet ran fantastic.  Moral of the story is you never know what is in your toilet causing those clogs, so we recommend a toilet auger to fully clean out your pipes.

Toilet Paper and Clogs

Too much paper can clog your toilet up temporarily.  Try using less toilet paper.  Sometimes kids are guilty of using way too much.  Let them know how much is OK to use.  Also, the toilet paper you use may be super thick.  We all love the plush stuff, I get it.  But that means using less of it to prevent toilet clogs on a regular basis.

Size Matters!

Seriously, the size of what you are flushing matters.  Toilets were built to handle a certain amount of poop per flush and that’s about it.  If poops in your household are plugging it on a regular basis, talk to your doctor!  

Crush Frequent Toilet Clogs with a Toilet Auger

Toilet augers are the best solution for frequent clogs.  Other things like plungers, baking soda, hot water, and other home remedies are great for a fast solution.  Unfortunately, they leave all the gunk that started the problem behind.  Your toilet WILL clog again and in a short time, until you manually remove all the sludge that’s built up inside your pipes.

Toilet augers are specifically designed for toilets.  They have thicker cables that are covered with a vinyl cover to prevent it from scratching your porcelain toilet bowl. 

Toilet augers work by using a metal cable with a bulb head on the end.  That bulb head moves around inside your pipes in a circular motion.  When you’re turning that head, it reaches and cleans all the sides of your pipes.  It grabs gunk, sludge, and even objects and bring them back up through your toilet bowl.

This means that the inside of your pipes are cleaned out, preventing future toilet clogs.


Frequent toilet clogs can be a thing of the past if you use a toilet auger to clean out your pipes. Forget other solutions and get it done right the first time with the right tools.