What Size Auger is Best for Planting Bulbs? 

Planning out your garden?  You probably want to know what size auger is best for planting bulbs. 

Read on to find out what size auger you will need to plant bulbs and make your garden the best on the block. 

What Size Auger is Best for Planting Bulbs?

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What Size Auger is Best for Planting Bulbs? 

The best auger size for planting bulbs would be 2-4 inches in diameter.  You can buy planting augers in many sizes that are perfect for gardening.   

Planting augers come is many lengths, starting at 6 inches. Make sure that the auger you buy is the right length for most of the bulbs and even starter plants and vegetables, that you wish to grow in your garden.   

Planting augers easily attach to a cordless drill and will speed up your gardening a ridiculous amount. 

It’s so much easier to garden and planting bulbs this way make it accessible to even people with mobility difficulties. Work smarter, not harder and have the best garden on the block this spring and summer.

What Size Auger is Best for Planting Bulbs in Pots 

When planting bulbs indoors (in pots), your auger bit will always need to be wide enough in diameter so that you can drop your bulb into the hole.  This means your auger bit should be, as mentioned above, anywhere between 2 and 4 inches in diameter.   

You must choose pots that are deep enough that you can plant your bulb at the right depth while leaving enough room for the bulb to grow and develop.  Also, you have to be mindful not to drill right through the bottom of the pot! 

What is the Best Bulb Auger?

The Garden Auger Drill Bit is one of the best planting augers out there. With its’ 16.5 inch long bit, you can whip through tons of holes without using your back too much.

For more of the Best Bulb Augers, check out our review post.

How do You Plant Tulips with an Auger? 

All bulbs are planted in the same way that we described above.  Tulips are typically planted 2 to 3 inches apart to have a full looking tulip garden or 4 to 6 inches apart for a more spaced out garden look.  They should be about 5 inches deep. For more information, check out our post on how to use a bulb auger.

What Size Auger for Tulip Bulbs?

You will need an auger bit that is 4-6 inches in diameter and around 6 inches long to plant tulip and most kinds of bulbs like lilies.

For smaller bulbs like daffodils, hyacinths, crocus, a 2 inch auger bit will be the perfect size.

Soil conditions can effect the size of the auger bit that you’ll need to use. Harder soils will require a larger auger bit while easier soils will require the standard size discussed above.

Always check on the bulb packages for the recommended size of the planting hole. This way you can make sure to get an auger that is wide and drills deep enough for your specific bulbs. Buying a bulb auger kit, which includes several auger sizes and lengths would be a good buy.


Hopefully, you now know what size auger is best for planting bulbs in your garden, indoors, and in pots.  You will have the most beautiful and plentiful garden on the block; planting augers make gardening that much more enjoyable. 


Which garden auger should I buy?

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