Slow Draining Kitchen Sink Not Clogged

A slow draining kitchen sink not clogged got you down?  Are you scratching your head trying to figure out why you have a slow draining kitchen sink when you can’t find a clog anywhere? 

 If your kitchen sink is draining slowly but not clogged, keep reading for a few expert DIY solutions. 

slow draining kitchen sink not clogged
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Slow Draining Kitchen Sink Not Clogged? 

 A slow sink drain could be because of one of the following things, or even a combination: 

  1. Grease and Gunk Build Up
  2. Pipes Aren’t at the Right Angle
  3. Plugged Air Vent

What Causes a Kitchen Sink to Drain Slowly?

As soon as a sink starts draining slowly or stops draining at all, we all think it must be clogged.  But, a slow sink drain can be the result of a number of problems. 

A kitchen sink draining slowly but not clogged should be diagnosed properly before you can start fixing it.  A slow running sink drain that isn’t clogged will eventually turn into a clog if you don’t take care of it fast. 

Grease and Gunk Build Up

Most kitchen slow sink drain issues are a result of food, garbage, grease and other types of kitchen debris getting into the pipes and collecting in the elbows, joints, or the P Trap.  Prevent this from happening by buying a drain guard for a few bucks online. 

Pipes Aren’t at the Right Angle

Some builders but corners and don’t install the plumbing properly.  This results in pipes that are not angled enough so the pipes drain.  This can cause a slow draining kitchen sink. 

Water, gunk, grease end of collecting and pooling in these “flat” areas and causing slow sink drains and clogs.  Check under your sink and make sure that the pipes are angled enough so the water would drain out. 

Plugged Air Vent

Under every sink, there should be an air vent that allows air to escape as the water rushes down your kitchen sink drain.  It looks like short pipe that would be built off the main pipe.  Make sure that there is nothing covering it.    

How Do You Fix a Slow Draining Kitchen Sink? 

There are a few options for fixing a slow draining kitchen sink that’s not clogged. 

Grease and Gunk build up inside your pipes can be solved quickly by running very hot water down your pipes.  This isn’t a permanent solution; more grease and gunk will collect in your pipes and cause your sink to run slow and even clog at a later date.  The only solution here is a drain auger. 

Pipes built at the wrong angle could cause a kitchen sink to drain slowly but it’s not clogged. You can remove the pipe without turning the water off and check if the pipe is clogged.  You should replace the pipe with one that is angled properly to allow the sink to drain completely.

A plugged air vent can prevent air from escaping your pipes, which means there is not water flow through your pipes.  You can remove the air vent without turning the water off.  Once you’ve removed the small pipe, check if there is gunk blocking the vent itself.  Then, check for gunk, build up, or a tiny clog where the air vent joins the main pipe under your sink.   

Slow Draining Kitchen Sink Home Remedy 

If you have a slow draining kitchen sink not clogged, you might want to try a home remedy.  Some folks will say “use baking soda” or “vinegar” or “pop”.  I even wrote a whole post about home remedies and clogs HERE.  

I am here to tell you, if you need a fast and cheap fix for a slow sink drain of any kind IMMEDIATELY, there is only 1 way that I recommend you clear that drain.  Using very hot or boiling hot water.   

The hot water will dissolve enough grease and gunk build up in your sink drain (if that’s the problem) so that your drain will work.  However, this is only a temporary solution. Anything that is a home remedy is a fast fix and clogs WILL return.  

You will need to get a drain auger to clear out your pipes on a regular basis as preventative maintenance.  You should use a drain auger on all your pipes regularly to prevent build up and possible clogs. 


Hopefully, our post has helped you to solve why you have a slow draining kitchen sink that isn’t clogged.  Please take a look at our drain auger reviews by clicking the button below and pick out the best auger for yourself and your home.