Earthquake Auger Dually Powerhead Review

Earthquake Dually​​

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  • Five bearing transmission
  • 5 year warranty
  • Handles w/ anti vibration foam grips
  • Dual throttle controls and clutch slips on impact
  • 62 ft-lb torque
  • Steel welded cage
  • 52 cc

When you hear the word auger, what is the first thing that comes to your mind?

 An auger is known as a drilling device which comes with a rotating screw blade that would serve as a conveyor to remove the drilled material.

There are different types of augers, and one of the most popular is the Earthquake auger.  Earthquake is a brand that has been well-known for its power equipment for years.

The company is among the largest manufacturer of augers worldwide, and they are famous for their high-quality earth augers.

The Earthquake Earth Auger is one of their best post hole augers to date so if you are thinking of purchasing one, this might be a good option.

Earthquake Auger Dually Powerhead: First Impression

One of the most notable features of the this powerhead by Earthquake, would be its usage. It can be used by one or two people, which means that you can have more power to drill through the ground.

The 52cc two-cycle Viper engine is powerful enough to dig through the soil and do everything from post holes to planting trees, but if you want to use its full potential, you might require two people to operate the device.

This Earthquake auger 2 person device can be used for a long time and is very durable, as it was made using strong parts. You won’t have to worry about using it for any type of soil as it can drill through it within seconds.

Can buy multiple attachments
Easy to start
Can buy the perfect blade for your job
5 year warranty
No reverse function
Has to be perfectly upright to start
Have to buy bits

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Earthquake Auger Powerhead Features

Here are some of the things you would expect from this auger.

Earthquake Auger Dually Powerhead Features
-52cc 2 cycle Viper engine
-1 or 2 person auger
-Multi position anti vibration handlebars
-Weighs approx 24 lbs
-Different sized shafts and extensions available

#1. 52cc Two-Cycle Viper Engine

The Earthquake Auger has a 30:1 gear ratio and it contains solid steel heat-treated gears that would provide additional strength to the engine. 

It also has a five-bearing transmission and centrifugal clutch slips if a sudden impact occurs. This Earthquake dually auger can drill through the soil within seconds because of its two-cycle Viper engine.

#2. One- or Two-Person Auger

This is among the best features of Earthquake dually earth auger. One or two individuals can operate the machine, depending on the type of work you need to do. 

The handle can accommodate two people to drill together to make the drilling easier.

We go over how easy it is to use a 1 man auger machine in our latest post.

#3. Multi-Position and Anti-Vibration Handles

Because this auger is made to be operated by one or two people, the multi-position foam-grip handles allow you to hold the drilling device easily without any problem.

It is very comfortable to use, and it won’t have any issues when two people are using it simultaneously. The foam-grip handles enable the users to operate the earth auger for a long time without stressing their hands.

It also has two throttle controls on the handlebars to allow the users to have several operating positions. The Earthquake Earth Auger also has a protective cage that would guard the engine from all sides.

#4. Weight

Compared with other earth augers, this model is very lightweight. It only weighs around 24 pounds, so it won’t be too hard for a single person to operate it.

Although this model is light in weight, it doesn’t affect its performance when drilling since the powerful engine makes up for its lack of weight.

#5. Versatility

This Auger is versatile, and you can use it for different tasks like planting trees and shrubs, digging post holes, ice fishing and more.

#6. Durability

Earthquake auger powerheads were built to last and they usually include a ball bearing gear drive transmission that allows you to handle the toughest jobs without causing any problems to the auger.

This model is also constructed using the toughest materials along with welded steel handlebars. It also features an industrial air filtration system, quick-start primer, and a steel gear transmission.

#7. Supported Attachments

The Earthquake 52cc Dually Earth Auger Powerhead can accept two inches to 10 inches auger bits for soil.  Keep your bits in great shape by sharpening your auger so its easier to slice through the dirt.

Also available are 12- or 18-inch extension shafts. You have to remember, though, that this model will only accept Earthquake brand extensions.

Earthquake Auger Comparison with Another Earth Auger

The Earthquake Auger Powerhead seems like a great choice, but there are other options on the market you can try. 

The Southland 43cc Earth Auger is also a popular choice because aside from being affordable, the features are not too far from Earthquake 10310 Earth Auger.

The Southland 43cc Earth Auger is lightweight and easy to use. Although the engine is only 43cc, it is capable of drilling to the soil efficiently.

The engine has a bit speed of up to 316 RPM, and it features a manual recoil start. However, this particular model does not apply to all types of soil.

Since the engine is not too strong, it is perfect for normal drilling operations like digging post holes and planting shrubs.

There are tons of differences, but the most notable one is its usage. The Earthquake Earth Auger Powerhead can be used by two people, while the Southland model is meant for a single person. 

If you don’t plan to use the earth auger for more onerous drilling tasks, you can just get the Southland 43cc Earth Auger.  

Looking for more post hole augers?  Check out our Best Post Hole Auger reviews for a few more options for you, even electric!

Earthquake Auger Conclusion

Buying an earth auger is not supposed to be complicated. You just need to determine where you plan to use the earth auger and you can make a decision based on it.

For drilling tasks that would require a powerful engine, the Earthquake Auger Powerhead is your best bet. It is designed to handle tough drilling tasks and made from high-quality materials.

For its price, durability, and power, it is an excellent choice if you need a drilling machine for your home. Compared to other drilling devices, this is definitely one of the best.


Do I need to use this auger with 2 people?

To use the Earthquake Dually to it’s full potential, you should have two people using it.