Ridgid Power Spin Drain Auger Review

Ridgid Power Spin

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  • 25 foot cable with bulb auger
  • 1/4 inch cable
  • For max 1.5″ drains
  • Self feed cable: no dirty hands
  • Lifetime Warranty
  • 500 RPMs
  • Attach cordless drill and per through clogs

The Ridgid Power Spin is one of the best drain augers on the market.  It can clean drain lines measuring up to 1.5 inches in diameter with the help of its 25-foot long drain snake; thus, making it ideal for most clogged drains. The 25-foot long ¼-inch maxcore cable is retained in the drum to prevent any pullout.

The tool also features autofeed that retrieves and advances the cable by just pulling the trigger. This drain auger can be operated with the help of a battery or manually.   

You can try to be as careful as you can, but there is no way you can escape a clogged drain in your home at some point in time. Once they occur and left unattended, they become even tougher to deal with. Even to deal with the smallest of clogs, your plumber is going to cost you a lot. 

Why bother with it all when you can simply get the Ridgid Power Spin and nip this issue in the bud every single time? Want to know more about this tool? Be sure to read our detailed review below.

Ridgid Power Spin   

Ridgid is a company that was founded in 1923 with the invention of the present-day pipe wrench. The company then made a vision for themselves to build for the world’s expert tradespeople—those who understand the limits of the work and want to push the envelope and exceed them.   

Every single product from this company is crafted and designed for effectiveness, strength, and legacy. Thus, it results in a high-performance tool that gets handed down from one generation to another and is built to stand the test of time.   

Strong Durable cable
Powered/Manual option
Durable auger bulb tip
Tackles tough clogs
Trigger Lock
Reverse is finicky
Plastic construction
Meant for drains not toilets
Crank handle is brittle
Meant for 1.5″ wide drains, not toilet drains of 4″

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Ridgid Power Spin Features

If you are looking for a no-mess and easy-to-use operation drain auger, then the Ridgid Power Spin is the ideal tool for you. It effectively helps clear blocked drains! 

The tool has a versatile design, which gives the user the ability to use this drain auger manually by spinning the drain auger cable in and out of a drain or using the variable drill speed to speed the rotation up to 500 RPM for that extra power.   

The Ridgid Power Spin features an Auto Feed technology along with a Maxcore cable that will self-feed down a drain to ensure that your hands don’t get dirty at all. This drain auger can clear up to 1.5-inch lines; thus, tackling even the toughest of clogs. 

Ridgid Power Spin Features 

Features of the Ridgid Power Spin
-Destroys tough drain clogs
-Easy to Use Handle
-Mess Free Operation with Self Feed Cable and Housing
-Can use with a Drill for More Power
-Lifetime Warranty

Easy Break-Up of Tough Blockages   

One of the best things about the Ridgid Power Spin Drain Cleaner is that it is equipped to tackle even the toughest of clogged drains. The drain cleaner has a 25-foot long maxcore cable, which is ¼-inch thick. This is positively retained in the drum to prevent the cable from being pulled out. The bulb auger head is quite durable and can easily penetrate even difficult obstructions.   

This drain auger will easily clean drain lines reaching up to 1.5-inch diameter. Thanks to its 25-foot drain snake, it makes it ideal for kitchen sinks, bathtubs, bathrooms, and shower drain. Do note that the company does not recommend using this tool for clogged toilets.   

Easy-to-Use Handle   

To use the Ridgid Power Spin as a hand auger, it is equipped with a turn handle that will manually spin the drain auger cable in and out of the drain. Also, there is a pull trigger that is easy to use, which allows you to extend or retract the drain cable quickly.   

Complete Mess-Free Operation   

The Ridgid Auto Spin Drain Cleaner is automatic because it comes with Auto Feed technology. This means that the drain auger will self-feed and retrieve the cable by just pulling the trigger. This is particularly great as you will not have to touch the cable leading to a mess-free operation.   

Need More Power?   

What we liked about the Ridgid Power Spin is that it is adaptable for extra power. This tool can be used with a variable speed drill that will provide it with an extra penetration power of up to 500 RPMs. The only downside is that this needs to be purchased separately. However, this is an excellent thing if you have to tackle stubborn clogs constantly.   


What takes the cake for this power spin is the fact that it comes with a full lifetime warranty. All of Ridgid tools are built well to last. They have a reputation for durable and superior quality tools. The company provides a warranty against defects in material and workmanship.   

How Do You Use a Ridgid Power Spin Plus?

The best way to show you how to use the Ridgid Power Spin is through this YouTube Video HERE.

Need Ridgid Power Spin Parts ?

Check out the collection of parts offered from Ridgid directly by clicking HERE. You will also find replacement cables from Ridgid available at the link above.

Drain Clog Prevention

Here are some tips to prevent future drain clogs:

  • Watch that the kids put anything down the drains
  • Clean out your pipes twice per year with a drain auger
  • Grease should be poured into a container and thrown out, not down your toilet
  • Use a drain catcher in your sink drains to catch any debris that gets into the sink

Cost of Hiring a Plumber Versus Buying a Drain Auger

Hiring a plumber to unclog your drains costs anywhere from $100- 250, depending on the area and how complicated the clog is. A drain auger can be as cheap as $30. You can also use your drain auger as many times as you like, so I consider it an investment.

Cost of Hiring a Plumber Versus Buying a Drain Auger

Hiring a plumber to unclog your drains costs anywhere from $100- 250, depending on the area and how complicated the clog is. A drain auger can be as cheap as $30. You can also use your drain auger as many times as you like, so I consider it an investment.

Comparing the Ridgid Power Spin to Another Drain Auger  

We compared the Ridgid Power Spin to the DrainX Pro Steel Drum Auger. The biggest upside of the DrainX Auger is that it comes with a 50-foot long cable, which is double the length of its counterpart. However, even with that, there are some flaws with this tool that we can’t overlook.   

Let’s begin with the cable itself. In spite of having such a long cable, it is not as durable as its counterpart’s maxcore cable, and it could lead to it getting damaged over use. Furthermore, it does come with an auto feed feature either. This a completely manual auger, and we found its overall built a bit average. For these reasons, we suggest that you do not pay much attention to this tool.   


The Ridgid Power Spin offers you the best of both worlds—it works as a manual drain auger when you require it to, and it can also connect to a power drill if you want to tackle tougher clogs. This drain auger comes from an excellent brand. It has a strong and durable built and will easily work for years on end. This is, without a doubt, a fantastic tool to invest in.  


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