Unclog Drain with Salt

Everyone wants to know if you can unclog a drain with salt.

But, can it be true, it seems too easy.

Read on to find out how to unclog your drain with salt and if it even works.

Unclog Drain with Salt

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Unclog Drain with Salt: Fake News?

Looking for a home remedy for clogged drains leads people to read that salt may work to unclog drains. Is this fact or fake news? Will salt water unclog a drain? We wanted to clear this up for everyone trying to use salt for unclogging a drain.

Use our tips below to quickly unclog a drain, but for your next clog emergency make sure you have the best drain auger on hand.

How to Unclog Drain with Salt

Can epsom salt unclog a drain? Can rock salt unclog a drain? It doesn’t matter what type of salt you have on hand, let’s go over the basic steps to use salt for unclogging a drain.

  1. Grab half-1 cup of salt (any type you have will do)
  2. Boil a half gallon or a full gallon of water
  3. Pour your salt down the drain, making sure to get it all down the drain
  4. Slowly and carefully pour the water down the drain
  5. Let it sit for a few minutes
  6. Turn on your faucet and watch as your drain now runs clear, no more clog.

Does Salt Really work to Unclog Drains?

After reading these steps you may think that the salt is working some sort of miracle on the clog of grease and grime in your drain.

The salt isn’t actually doing anything: it’s the boiling water that is clearing your pipe of grease and gunk.  But, your problem will remain.  In a short while, your drain will start running slowly again because the main issue, gunk, grease, and debris didn’t dissolve.

You can just use boiling water next time you have to quickly clear out a drain clog.
Then, buy yourself a drain auger as soon as you can.


You can try to unclog a drain with salt, but now you know that the hot water, and not the salt, is doing all the work for you. Check out the best drain auger to save the day the next time your drains get clogged.