Can You Use an Ice Auger in Dirt?

can you use an ice auger in dirt

Will an ice auger work in dirt? If you’re looking for your ice auger to pull double duty as an earth auger, you might want to reconsider. 

How to Use a Tractor Auger

how to use a tractor auger

If you’ve got a ton of holes to drill on your large property, how to use a tractor auger is a skill you need. 

How to Snake a Bathtub Drain

how to snake a bathtub drain

How to snake a bathtub drain is a skill that every homeowner and renter needs to know. Take a look at how to get your bathtub clogs out in no time fast.

How to Unclog a Toilet with an Electric Snake

how to unclog a toilet with an electric snake

If you’re desperate to get your toilet unclogged and you need to know how to unclog a toilet with an electric snake, we will walk you through the steps to get your toilet unclogged.

Electric Ice Augers Vs Manual

electric ice augers vs manual uager

There are a few different ways that manual ice augers outperform electric ones, especially in terms of convenience, affordability, and whisper-quiet operation.

Gas Vs Electric Augers

gas vs electric augers

There are many reasons as to why gas augers are as popular as they are. But what are the Pros of gas vs an electric auger? Find out below which tool would be the best for your job.

How to Use a Drain Auger with a Drill

how to use a drain auger with a drill

Some drain augers give you the choice of manually cranking your auger cable into your drain or using a cordless drill to add some extra power for getting rid of tough clogs.

Professional Toilet Auger Vs Snake

toilet auger vs snake

What are the difference between a toiler auger vs a snake?  Let’s find out the pros and cons of a toilet auger vs a snake and the best time to use them.